Dad Crush Monday: Wu Chun

It was a shock to everyone when former boy band member Wu Chun broke the news that he was married and a dad already in 2013. However as it turned out, he didn’t just do it for fear of losing popularity, but it was simply because his wife would rather stay out of the public eye. It was only after she relented that he confessed via his official fan site and lovingly acknowledged his wife as his first love and the one who helped him through the various ups and downs in his life. He now runs several businesses in Brunei, still dabbles in acting and is a doting father to six-year-old Wu Xin Yi and three-year-old Max Wu.

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Born as Goh Kiat Chun, Wu Chun first caught the eye of the public as a member of  Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit. The band’s debut album release saw them catapulting to fame, selling 80,000 copies of their album within the first month. The next few years saw their popularity continue to skyrocket and they won multiple music awards. In 2011, Wu Chun then announced his departure from the group so that he could spend time with his family back in Brunei.

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As what many other Taiwanese boy band members did, Wu Chun has acted in his fair share or dramas and movie. His first acting role was in KO One, where he appeared alongside his bandmates. He later went on to star in other popular drama series including Tokyo Juliet, Hanazakarino Kimitachihe and Romantic Princess. Even after his departure from Fahrenheit, he continued to take on acting roles both on the small and big screen.

hana kimia movie of wu chunella andjiro wang

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Wu Chun hasn’t just a celebrity, he also has business savvy and has opened several businesses in Brunei. With his passion for fitness and health, he opened Fitness Zone, which has grown into the largest health club in Brunei, and The Energy Kitchen, a healthy gourmet restaurant. He also recently launched Bake Culture Brunei, an artisanal bakery. In 2017, Channel News Asia profiled him as one of ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders, and documented how the star has shaken up the health industry in Brunei.

He has also taken the time to pen down his story and release his biography, Ignite Courage, after made the big reveal that he was a father and had been married for the last couple of years. His book gives readers an in-depth look into his wife and the struggles he faced as an entertainer.

For all that he has achieved, especially in terms of his business, he has garnered many awards, including the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA), Young Entrepreneur of The Year, CQE Geneva QC Total Quality Management Model Award, and APEA Corporate Social Responsibility Award. What can perhaps be considered the most prestigious award he received yet is the Excellent Youth Award from the King of Brunei in 2015.

During the 10th National Youth Day in Brunei on September 1, actor Wu Chun (吳尊) received the Excellent Youth Award from…

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What may be this talented actor’s most appealing trait is his undying love and respect for his wife, Lin Li Ying, who is also his first love.  His denial of their relationship was at her request, as she did not want to be in the public eye.

He calls his wife as his source of support, saying “She has been by my side since I was 16, it has been more than 18 years. She is also my first love. Throughout the years, she helped me pull through all the ups and downs of life. From the time I studied abroad in Australia to the time my mother passed away, through my best friend’s death, and managing my business in Brunei. All the way until now. She has always been there to give support and encouragement.” Now, how many men would be so open to say that about their wives to the media? Wu Chun and his wife

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In 2011, the couple welcomed their daughter, Wu Xin Yi, fondly known as Nei Nei, into their family. He has shared that it wasn’t easy for him to keep his family a secret and he felt especially guilty as he was not able to show his affection for his wife or daughter in public.

First view on Max along with Nei Nei and his Papa! =)#photooftheday #like #picoftheday #superstar #brunei #イケメン #ウーズン…

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In 2013, they added again to their little brood, this time with a little boy, Max Wu. This was also the year he decided to shed the layer of secrecy and revealed the existence of his family to the world.

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If you ever wondered if he was hiding his family because he was not close to his daughter, those thoughts would have been instantly dispelled when he starred in the reality television series, Dad Is Back, with his daughter and showed off their adorable father daughter relationship.

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone!., here's Sir Wu Chun And baby Nei Nei 🙂

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The devoted father has shared his thoughts on parenting too. In an interview he has mentioned, “As parents, you want to talk to the children how to communicate, it is very important we need to set a good example, kids will learn from the adults here. many who mimic from our doing!” From his interactions with Nei Nei in Dad Is Back, we are sure that he has a good and open relationship with the little girl.


The star still mostly keeps his family life private, especially ever since the conclusion of his appearance on Dad Is Back, but we’re sure that we will hear more from him in the future, especially since he is still acting in various television shows.

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