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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

Mummyfique’s Chinese New Year Luncheon at Soup Restaurant

Mummyfique and our guests ushered in the Year of the Dragon with a sumptuous luncheon at the Soup Restaurant in Suntec City.
Mummyfique hosted our Chinese New Year luncheon at Soup Restaurant in Suntec City Singapore.
By Kimberly
February 2, 2024

To usher in the Year of the Dragon, Mummyfique invited around 40 business owners and KOLs to a Chinese New Year luncheon at Soup Restaurant at Suntec City, Singapore. The dragon represents authority, good fortune and strength. For most of the guests, such as Suhana Ab, founder of Maison Q, it was the “first CNY gathering of the season.” Beatrice Tan, founder of Klarra, added that it was also her “first lohei of the year”. These busy guests, most of them mums, had the opportunity to build new friendships and catch up with existing friends, as well as celebrate the upcoming New Year.  Sabrina Tan, founder of Skin Inc, was grateful for the reunion and also for Mummyfique’s “heart for the community of building women up.” Digital creators Cindy Tan agreed, saying, “Such a heartwarming reunion with these beauties, while Mongchin Yeoh summed up the reunion, “So much laughter over good food!”

Our Lovely Guests

Kewei, May, Wanting Wang, Cindy, Dolores Au, Gidania Wong, Sharon, Mongchin Yeoh and Roxanne Gan
Beatrice Tan, Dolores and Cheryl Wee
Suhana Ab, Gidania, Daphne Wee, Katherine Sng, Cheryl Soh, Dolores, Sara Ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy, Dipna Lim Prasad, Kimberly Tan, Abbeygayle and Leanne
Tinoq, Dipna, Joanne Lin-Teo, Dolores, Joanna, Sara and Dylan. Image courtesy of Joanna Goy
Carolyn Kan, Lynn Yeow-DeVito, Dolores, Zoe Raymond Tan, Zonia Raymond Tan-Ng, Sabrina and Rachel Sim tossing to prosperity and abundance in the new year with the Baby Abalone and Salmon Yu Sheng.

Dress Code - Oriental Chic

Oriental chic was the order of the day, and guests arrived in a blend of chinoiserie and auspicious colours like red and pink. While some preferred modern takes on the cheongsam – whether as a dress or a top – others preferred floral motifs or jacquard skirts. 

Soup Restaurant Singapore - Prosperity Menu

(from top left, clockwise) Double-boiled Velvet Mushroom with Dried Scallop in Chicken Soup, Lobster Abalone Abundance Pot, Samsui Ginger Chicken, Double Happiness Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage and Snow Vegetables, Scallop with Celtuce & Cloud Fungus, and the Baby Abalone and Salmon Yu Sheng
Reservations or Takeaway

Reservations can be made in store or WhatsApp at 9897 3761. The CNY Reunion Takeway Set is also available ($428 for five persons, UP $502.70). Order online and get free delivery. These will include the Lobster Abalone Abundance Pot, Samsui Ginger Chicken, Baby Abalone Yu Sheng and Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage and Snow Vegetables. Collection and delivery from now till 29 February 2024. 

Special Promotions for Citibank or OCBC Cardholders
Enjoy $12 off any CNY set menu, while OCBC 365 card members enjoy $15 off any CNY Set Menu. 

Our Lovely Sponsors

Each guest received gift bags filled with treats from Yu Dian, My Happy Cookie, Leonica K Trichology and Skin Inc.
Leonica K Trichology
Guests received a Leonica K Trichology travel set, with the signature Peppermint Shampoo, Elastin Conditioner, and Ultimate Hair Mask. Image credit: Leanne Ho

Guests also received a Leonica K Trichology travel kit, featuring their signature Peppermint Shampoo, Elastin Conditioner, and Ultimate Hair Mask. In particular, the luxurious mask combines a special blend of deep penetrating ingredients such as shea butter, rich carrier oils like avocado, olive and coconut oils. Other ingredients include hydrolysed elastin, protein and vitamin E. These work together to repair and strenghten hair structure, while richly moisturising hair. Use these at least once a week, dampening hair first with water spray, then applying the hair mask to lenghts and ends of hair. Leave on for at least 20 minutes, covering hair with a shower cap. After this, shampoo and condition hair. Homegrown singer-songwriter Kewei shared, “Leonica K hair care has always worked wonders for me!”

My Happy Cookie
Try the Fa Cai hamper for your CNY gifting needs from My Happy Cookie - preorder early as there are limited quanities available.

Guests at the CNY luncheon received a bag of My Happy Cookie’s cookies, with a variety of flavours. Some of these include butter, cheese, chocolate chip, dark chocolate chip, coffee and matcha. Ingredients are halal-sourced, and lower-sugar options are also available.

Try the Fa Cai gift hamper ($78 to $118), which includes four small bottles of signature and premium flavour cookies and two oranges. Examples of these flavours are chocolate chip, dark chocolate chip, coffee and cheese. In particular, the $118 hamper also comes with a Fort Sanctuary Chinese Tea. Be sure to pre-order as soon as possible as they only have a limited number of pieces. Cookies are baked fresh upon order, and usually delivered within two to three days after confirmation. Other delivery options include same-day, next-day and self collection. 

Skin Inc
The Skin-Revival Infusion Serum tackles common skin issues like hyperpigmentation, eye puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Guests can look their best for their Chinese New Year festivities with the Skin-Renewal Night Infusion Serum  ($178). This next-generation formula for perimenopausal skin or those 34 years and above. After collating +SABI AI’s data, Skin Inc pinpointed the top three skin concerns for this age group. These included hyperpigmentation, eye puffiness, wrinkles or fine lines. Hence, using the Night Serum will help plump lines, lift skin, and optimise skin renewal, even amplifying other skincare products’ effectiveness. Some potent ingredients include the Apple Stem Cell Extract to increase skin cell turnover, while Superoxide Dimutase fights against forming free radicals, evening out the complexion and combating signs of premature aging and dullness. For best results, use the Tri-Light LED device, and track your skin progress on the +SABI AI app. 

These are available at, ION Concept Store, +SABI AI App and participating retailers.

Yu Dian
Indulge in the nutrient-packed Yu Dian Drip Chicken Essence, suitable for everyone, including pregnant women. Image credit: Fann Wong
Yu Dian‘s drip chicken essence (prices from $63.80 to $650) is made from free range black feathered chicken from the mountains in Taichung, Taiwan. Each drop contains high levels of protein, amino acids and multivitamins. Using a high-temperature vacuum technique, the result is a concentrated and flavourful chicken essence, while preserving the nutrients and flavours of the chicken. Yu Dian Drip Chicken Essence can be consumed during pregnancy, providing essential nutrients for fetal growth and development, while boosting energy naturally. Other benefits include supporting immune function and also supporting postpartum recovery.
Additionally, the chicken essence contains no growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or drugs administered during the breeding process. The high quality breeding environment – cage free – of the chickens also ensure they get more exercise to improve the quality of the meat and nutrients. Each production batch is also sent for lab testing and certified by SGS Taiwan to ensure the best quality product is made and served. 

May the Year of Dragon bring everyone prosperity, good health and happiness!