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Mummyfique Sample July 2021


Motherhood is Our Common Bond

Strip away all our social differences and prejudice, and we are just simply – mum.  We are mum to the baby and children that depend on us for everything in their lives. We are mum to one another because it is this bond that draws us into this circle of commonality.  Our experiences as a mother is an accumulative, multi-sensorial awareness of constant change, and many times, we find ourselves so consumed by this role that it can be a lonely journey.  That is why we need one another.

Mothers have an inherent need to communicate and it is through social interactions online and in person that we find strength and solidarity. As a community, we can help one another by providing information and support from a common interest. Every mum can listen, empathise and extend a friendship; but it makes a world of difference to have another mum tell you, “I understand”.

Join the different communities to find your tribe.

Sg Mummies United
COVID-19 has hit everyone hard. This group aims to help the mums that have been hit the hardest – single mums, blue Chas card holders, mums who have lost their jobs, or with spouses who have lost their income.

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