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Mummyfique Sample July 2021


Busy working mum catching up on news holding smartphone during coffee-break.

News is no longer about that physical piece of paper with ink that used to rub off on the same hands that just changed a diaper or typed out a report an hour ago.

Mums all over the world are connected to – no, surviving and thriving rather, on the pervasive onslaught of technology that has defined modern parenting as we know today in the midst of a global pandemic. The latest trend report by  The Google Consumer Barometer presents an unsurprising statistical narrative on how parents have been navigating the digital landscape to search for information, shop, seek help, reach out to build friendships and yes, consume news and media.

In this section is the digital footprint of Mummyfique’s evolution, a journey over six years that reflects the changing global landscape of being a mother in this modern era of immense transformation and change.