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The Floorplan Collective: Inspiring Homes With Timeless Designs

Floorplan Collective
By Emma Lin
February 19, 2024

The Floorplan Collective was established on the belief that a home is more than just a space. It has emerged as a pillar of innovation and sophistication in the interior design industry in Singapore. The founders, Adrian Phoon and Julian Ng, seek to inspire living. Through that mission, they have brought their unique blend of expertise and passion to the forefront of the architectural and interior design landscape.

Meet the Founders: Adrian Phoon and Julian Ng

Adrian Phoon is a seasoned professional with over 8 years of experience in the design industry. His love for experimenting with materials and dedication to human-centric design sets the stage for Floorplan Collective‘s unique approach. As well, his co-founder, Julian Ng, boasts a decade of experience. He specialises in luxury projects that emphasise clean, contemporary touches that stand the test of time.

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

“We want to inspire living. Our goal is to create homes and not houses, to create experiences and not spaces. Our belief is that every home and design we produce should tell a story of not only our clients and their lives, but also their aspirations for their future”, said the duo.

Designing Your Dream Home: The Floorplan Collective’s Specialisations

Sleek and Modern Designs

The company excels in crafting clean and modern design solutions. Their creations harmoniously blend contemporary elements with classic principles, resulting in spaces that are both sleek and inviting.

Luxury and Bespoke Projects

The expertise of Floorplan Collective lies in luxury and bespoke projects. Tailored to the most discerning clients, their designs reflect unique tastes and preferences, creating spaces that exude opulence and exclusivity.

The Design Process: Adding A Personal Touch

Forming A Partnership

The design process at Floorplan Collective begins with a personal touch. Clients are invited to the studio for a discovery session, delving into their daily routines, hobbies, and preferences. This openness ensures a more informed and personalised design.

“Through the years we have realised that face-to-face client interactions are invariably important, especially in initial meetings. As much as Covid has restricted in-person conversations in prior years, we now strongly encourage more personal meetings as it gives us a better insight into our clients lives and their expectations of a household. We value client discovery as much as any other step in the design and construction process, as such, we don’t encourage zoom meetings”, the founders commented.

Curating Designs

Floorplan Collective believes in designing each home uniquely and exclusively for clients. Drawing inspiration from travel, design publications, and client feedback, they stay ahead of the curve by researching current technologies and industry standards.

Personal Meetings Over Zoom

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Floorplan Collective values face-to-face interactions. They encourage personal meetings, recognizing the importance of gaining insights into clients’ lives and expectations.

Constant Client Engagement

The Floorplan Collective keeps clients in the loop at every step. With on-site visits every two to three days, regular updates through texts and site pictures, and comprehensive documents outlining project stages, they ensure transparency and client participation.

Building Relationships Between Clients And Design Team: How?

Referrals and Quality Control

As most clients are through referrals, Floorplan Collective focuses on maintaining quality control. Constant updates and diligent guidance through each project stage foster a partnership between the design team and clients.

It is All about the Client

A key aspect of Floorplan Collective’s philosophy is their client-centric approach. They collaborate closely, listen attentively, and adapt designs that exceed expectations; this is how they prioritise their clients’ needs and aspirations. “Most of our clients come to us through referrals from previous customers, and this motivates us to ensure quality control and keeps us accountable to both our new clients as well as prior ones,” states Adrian Phoon.

Why Choose Floorplan Collective?

More than just a Transactional Design; It is Personal

Floorplan Collective stands out from the rest as they challenge both the transactional and impersonal nature of design and construction. Focusing on the idea that each home is personal and unique, they strive to make the journey of designing a new home a joyous celebration rather than an arduous, long-drawn chore.

Every Project is a Personal Journey

For The Floorplan Collective, every project is a journey, a smooth and pleasant one. Their commitment to personalised, client-centric designs sets them apart in an industry that more often than not, lacks personal touch. Let your journey towards a dream home begin with Floorplan Collective’s, timeless, classic, yet one-of-a-kind designs.

You can reach out to Floorplan Collective through Instagram or website