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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

MMF x CRIB Society for IWD: An Afternoon Tea Session

Wrapping up International Women's Day in March, Mummyfique and CRIB Society organised a fireside chat at The Marmalade Pantry Downtown for a group of 20 female business owners and four expert panellists.
Mummyfique and CRIB Society organised an International Women's Day fireside chat for business owners to learn from the expert panellists.
By Kimberly
April 3, 2024

To wrap up International Women’s Day this month of March, Mummyfique and CRIB Society organised a fireside chat at The Marmalade Pantry Downtown over afternoon tea for a select group of 20 female business owners. The format was speed dating style, where the panel of experts took turns going around the tables for intimate, 15-minute discussions. 

Each business owner was grouped according to her business’ life stage and wore a premium mulberry silk scrunchie on her wrist in either pink, blue or silver.  Examples of the stages included businesses in the first two years, or those looking at scaling or succession and those ready to sell or exit. They gained valuable insights from our panellists: Dr Karen Soh, Sharon Wong, Tjin Lee and Joan Chang

Evelyn Chung, founder of Twomorrow jewellery label, said, “Having the opportunity to listen to influential women leaders candidly share their personal journeys and experiences in entrepreneurship was truly enlightening.”

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

Our Panellists

Joan Chang, founder of Lloyd's Inn

Singaporean property developer and co-founder of boutique hotel Lloyd’s Inn and luxury lifestyle brand, Ove Collection, Joan Chang has also been featured on Prestige Online‘s ’40 Under 40’ list. She is also the marketing manager at Macly Group. After graduating from university, she joined her family business to rebrand Lloyd’s Inn. Some of her strengths include branding, aesthetics and marketing. At the same time, she also became a full-time employee at real estate agency Huttons. Lloyd’s Inn has since won awards like the Singapore Tourism Board’s Enterprise Excellence Award for Best Marketing Idea in 2016. Additionally, it has also expanded to Bali and Kuala Lumpur. Other projects include Cara Cara Inn, The Canopy Spa in Bali, and the Iveria in Singapore. 

Joan's Ethos in Working With Investors

Joan shared that while she must enjoy the journey of building a business, it must also be profitable. When working with investors, she aims to make sure that the business model is viable and can turn a profit. 

Dr Karen Soh, founder of Aura Aesthetics

Dr Karen Soh, MBBS, Medical Director, Singapore’s esteemed doctor, speaker and trainer in the field of medical aesthetic, has a wealth of experience and passion. Over the years, Dr Karen Soh honed her craft, helping her patients look beautiful. Currently the founder of Aura Clinic, Dr Karen Soh is best known for her results-oriented regimen, and one of the first doctors tot offer injectables for facial remodelling in Singapore. An avid wine, jewellery and art collector, and scuba diver, she is also a devoted mother of four children. Additionally, she also serves on the committee of the Association for Women Doctors Singapore and volunteers at nursing homes. 

Buying Her Business Back

Dr Karen Soh learned that not everyone had her best interests at heart in business. Hence, she preferred to buy back her business from the liquidators rather than engaging in a private deal.

Sharon Wong, founder of Motherswork

Sharon Wong’s journey to becoming the CEO and  founder of Motherswork began as a search for the best baby products. She wanted to create the best environment to keep her three children safe and happy, while balancing career and quality time with them. 25 years later, Motherswork partners women through their motherhood journey, from discovering their pregnancies to sending their children off to school. The leading premium retailer of mother, baby and kids products in Singapore and China, Motherswork has a collection of more than 300 baby and parenting brands. Most recently, The Parentinc announced its acquisition of Motherswork, helping the brand expand its footprint into other countries. Even more impressive is that Sharon’s exit is at 60 years old, near retirement, testament that success can come at any age. 

Negotiating with Investors or Business Partners

Sharon shared that one should be open-minded when negotiating with investors or business partners. Upon meeting them, consider whether you’d like investment to grow or exit. She said, “When they appreciate what you’ve done, the deal is very fair.” As for the company that acquired Motherswork, it had a lot backing from tech groups. These also included venture capitalists and private equity behind them. Hence, she made the decision to work with them to continue doing what she loves. 

Tjin Lee, founder of Gusto Collective SEA

Tjin Lee, founder of Mercury Integrated, started the company in 2001, to disrupt how traditional agencies create and communicate with their clients. Two decades later, Mercury Integrated grew into an award-winning agency renowned for its exceptional events, unique social campaigns and innovate PR strategies, landing clients like Changi Airport Group, L’Oreal Group and Burberry. Recently, Gusto Collective acquired Mercury Integrated, and  Tjin became the head of Southeast Asia. The mum of two is also the founder of not-for-profit social enterprise CRIB Society, which empowers women to become successful entrepreneurs through its mentorship programmes. 

Finding a Good Business Partner

She shared her experience in selling to Gusto Collective SEA and how she negotiated her contract. Her team at Mercury Integrated runs on their own for the last three years. Hence, to avoid any discontent between her and the client who might see her only at the client pitch and the event, she added a clause in her contract to include unlimited vacation days. Additionally, she felt that it was important to meet the buyer and understand his expectations, culture and how he’d treat your people. The person she sold to was renowned to be a good employer, so Tjin knew he would not overwork her people.

Our Guests: Women-Led Business Owners

At the event, the ladies also had their portraits professionally taken, so they have lifestyle shots to use for future interviews or even as their LinkedIn photos.

From left: Sharon, Evelyn Chung, Berlinda, Jungmin and Jolene Ng
Prerna and Anabel Chew

Anabel Chew, co-founder of WeBarre, shared, “Thankful for trailblazers like Dr Karen Soh, Joan Chang, Sharon Wong and Tjin Lee coming together to share and learn from one another. Here’s to the women who have done it and the many more women that will follow!” She added that she walked away “inspired and dreaming up new visions to grow, scale and transform the business”.

Daphne Tan, Rina Alias, Prerna Sharma, Joanne Lin-Teo, Joan and Ee-Ling

In her Instagram stories, Daphne Tan, founder of Candles of Light, shared, “Am a firm believer that success leaves clues and thank you Mummyfique and CRIB Society for organising such a meaningful gathering at The Marmalade Pantry.” 

Joanne Lin-Teo, founder of OETEO, added, “My first speed dating learning from Mummyfique and CRIB Society. One amazing session with the powerful speakers on their entrepreneurial journey in different stages. Thank you for sharing nuggets of wisdom with us.”

The Marmalade Pantry Spring Blossoms Afternoon Tea

The Spring Blossoms Afternoon Tea, available until 30 April.
Sweet Treats

Extended by popular request, The Marmalade Pantry’s Spring Blossom Afternoon Tea Sets ($78++ for two persons) feature sweet and savoury treats, some specially created for this tea set. These include the Petite Strawberry Blossom Cupcake,  the Pineapple Financier, Mini Yuzu Chocolate Cake and Mango Purin with Osmanthus Sago Pearl. The first features strawberry frosting, adorned with white chocolate pearls and gold sugar crystals. A full-size version is also available. Adapted from the pineapple tart, the pineapple financier is swirled with Chantilly cream and embellished with dried cranberries and gold sugar crystals.

Savoury Flavours
For those preferring savoury flavours, new on the menu are the deep fried Taro Dumpling Puff, the Mala Duck Kueh Pie Tee, and Seafood Wanton Cups with Asian Salsa. For instance, the yam puff has a sweet pumpkin puree, topped with house-made sambal and shredded leek. Next, the fried Seafood Wanton Cups feature diced scallops and prawns, with an Asian salsa. Topping this off is a Chinese-inspired dressing of soy sauce and oyster sauce, yuzu juice and sesame oil. 
Of course, the afternoon tea also includes cranberry chicken and truffle egg mayo sandwices, plain and raisin buttermilk scones. Complementing the scones are clotted cream, berry jam and ginger yuzu marmalade. Each set also includes two pots of Monogram tea. 

Our Lovely Sponsors

Guests received a goodie bag from our sponsors, including CRIB Society, Ksisters, SOVA Silk and The Marmalade Pantry.

Each guest also received a Mummyfique tote bag, full of goodies from CRIB Society, Ksisters, and the Marmalade Pantry, aside from the premium mulberry SOVA silk scrunchies that they wore on their wrists to differentiate their groups. Maggie Dumra shared in her Instagram stories, “Lovin’ my very thoughtful goodie bag. As a business owner, I know how much effort and time are needed to put together these gift packs. So thank you lovely sponsors for these and I can’t wait to try them.”

CRIB Society's Hope & Light Candles
The Hope & Light candles inspired by Siem Reap and the Himalayas

CRIB Society aims not only to empower women entrepreneurs through community, connections and programs, but is also active in philanthropic activities. Hence, CRIB Gives Back supports women and children in need through various initiatives. For this candle gift set, CRIB partnered with a member, Candles of Light, a scent studio specialising in botanical, natural-based perfumes that have been created, blended and handcrafted in Singapore.

The luxury Hope & Light candle duo ($88) features the Himalayan Sunrise, with fresh citrus notes of bergamot, lavender and wild foraged herbs with a touch of cucumber and spring water. This first scent was inspired by the Himalayan mountains in Nepal and its cool mountain air and the glow of sunrise over their peaceful, snow-capped peaks. Perfectly complementing this scent is Siem Reap Sunset, inspired by the calm beauty and mystique of the sun setting over the temple-topped heritage city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. This scent features notes of warm wood, floral and amber, with undertones of mimosa, cashmere, creamy tonka and honey and a trace of white woods.

15 per cent of all proceeds from these candles will be donated to Operation Hope Foundation. The Singapore-registered charity shelters and educates orphans and abandoned children. Additionally, it also helps to build houses, toilets and wells for the neediest in Cambodia and Nepal, as well as provide skills-training to rural youths. 

Ksisters Beauty Products
The beauty and wellness treats from Ksisters. Image courtesy of Dahlia Mohd
BNR17 Diet Probiotics BNRThin Pro

Within the goodie bag were also Korean beauty treats like the BNR17 Diet Probiotics BNRThin Pro, which can help body fat reduction and promote good intestinal health. Its key ingredient is Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17™, recognised by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug for its body-fat reducing functionality. In a study with 210 people witht central obesity, taking this probiotic daily helped them reduce their belly fat by 8.5 per cent over 12 weeks. Take one capsule a day with cold water for a month, at the same time every day. 

Jung Beauty Firming Microdart Eye Patch

Other treats included the Jung Beauty Firming Microdart Eye Patch, that improves wrinkles’ length and depth by 13.2 per cent and 22.6 per cent after four weeks of use. The ultra-thin microdarts, one-third the thickness of a hair strand, enhance the delivery and absorption of high-potency ingredients into the skin. In fact, it absorbs 259 per cent faster than applying similar topical products. 

Jung Beauty Hair Duo

For glorious, luscious locks, try Jung Beauty’s 7 Second Instant Nourish Water Treatment and No Wash Keratin Hair Treatment Essence. This frizz-fighting treatment rejuvenates hair and restores scalp health in just seven seconds. Complementing this is the hair treatment essence for the ultimate hair glow-up, with heat protection to shield your hair from damage when styling. 

SOVA Silk Scrunchies
Every guest placed a premium mulberry silk SOVA scrunchie on her wrist according to the stage her business is in.

Each guest wore a pure mulberry silk scrunchie on their wrist from SOVA, Singapore’s most well-known sleep accessories label. Their 100 per cent pure mulberry silk scrunchies are designed to protect hair from creases and breakage. To protect your luscious locks, it might be worth investing in mulberry silk pillowcases ($199), to keep your hair and scalp protected and moisturised around the clock, nourishing hair cuticles and protecting fragile regrowth. Additionally, silk pillowcases can help reduce friction on delicate facial skin, minimising sleep wrinkles. 

The Marmalade Pantry Tumblers
The teal and blush tumblers from The Marmalade Pantry make great gifts for any occasion. Image credit: The Marmalade Pantry

Guests also received these lovely teal and blush tumblers from The Marmalade Pantry, decorated with the brand’s motif and signature. 

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