6 Reasons Why Rebounding Is Great Exercise For Busy Mums

If sweating it out on the treadmill sounds mundane to you, it maybe time to embrace your inner child and head for your very first Rebounding class. We spoke to Joel Tan, Founder of BBOUNCE Studio to understand how effective is rebounding in helping busy mums regain (and maintain) their fitness. And no, you might be on a rebound(er) but there’s no heartache involved here.

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What is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a series of low impact exercises performed on a rebounder (commonly known as a mini trampoline) that involves small and controlled movements.

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Three main components of rebounding focus on acceleration, deceleration and gravity. With each bounce, a series of actions happen:

  • An acceleration action as you bounce upward
  • A split-second weightless pause at the top
  • A deceleration at an increased G-force


1. Full Body Detox 
Based on research, the joint-friendly exercise is found to be the most effective movement therapy that increases lymph flow and drains toxins from the body. Studies has shown that G-force helps to increase lymphocyte activity as the up-down movement forces lymphatic fluid to flow and flush toxins.The lymph system transports immune cells throughout the body and supports immune function. As such, rebounding is often suggested as a detoxifying and immune boosting work out.

2. Improves Balance and Stability
When rebounding, your mind and body connection is actively engaged using ocular nerves and inner ear canal. This helps to stimulate and strengthen your balance, timing, coordination and reaction time.

3. Burn Calories Faster
Known as a low-impact and safe cardiovascular exercise, it is proven to be  at least twice as effective as running without the extra stress on the ankles and knee. Over time, rebounding also helps to reset your resting metabolism and metabolic rate so you burn more calories even when you’re not exercising. Highly recommended by Joel, rebounding is one of the most effective post-partum weight loss regime. 

4. Strengthens The Cells of Your Body
With the increased G-force during rebounding, the activity works every cell in the body and increase cellular level by stimulating mitochondrial production which are responsible for cell energy. With strong cells, it improves overall body health, energy and vitality.

5. Supports the Cardiovascular System
The constant up-down action of rebounding results large muscle groups to contract which causes a rhythmic compression of every artery and vein in the body. This helps to increase circulation and increase blood flow and oxygenation of tissues which in turn helps to lower blood pressure and puts less strain on your heart muscle. Rebounding also decreases blood pooling in veins to improve chronic edema.

 6. It’s So Much Fun
One simply can’t say no to having fun and burning calories simultaneously. We’d take every opportunity to bounce on a trampoline like a kid, for legit health reasons of course! Suitable for all ages, be sure to include your minifique in your next rebounding class for a bonding session.

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