5 Reasons Why CrossFit is Perfect For Busy Mums

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You have probably heard about CrossFit or know someone who is into CrossFit but what exactly is this fitness trend that everyone has been raving about? We spoke to Dominic Lee, trainer at CrossFit Mobilus, one of Singapore’s largest CrossFit facilities to understand why it should be the to-go workout for busy mums.

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What is Crossfit?
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program which involves constantly varied (workouts differ day to day), functional movements performed at high intensity. In CrossFit, movements are divided into three general categories: monostructural metabolic conditioning (commonly known as cardio), gymnastics (control of one’s bodyweight), and weightlifting (control of an external object).

What should I expect at a Crossfit session?
A typical one-hour session begins with time spent on stretching and warming up. The class focuses on either a strength or skill element where they can work on specific movements such as weighted barbell squats or practicing pull-ups and it usually lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. The class will then escalate with a high intensity WOD (Workout of the Day) which could range between five to 20 minutes depending on the day’s programming set by the trainer and the session will conclude with some cool down and stretching exercise.


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1. Keeping Fit in a Community
Lack of of discipline and motivation are some of the key reasons why many people fail to be consistent in their attempts to exercise more. In CrossFit gyms, you will spot a diverse group of individuals ranging from working executives, pregnant mothers-to-be, athletes and senior citizens coming together to keep fit as a community. The culture within the tight-knitted community encourages and spurs fellow CrossFit athletes to perform to the best of their abilities. It definitely motivates more when you have a squad celebrating your progress and cheering you on as you strive towards your fitness goals.

2. To Be a Better Version of Yourself
CrossFit defines fitness as one’s work capacity to perform various movements across different scenario types and timing ranges. The program develops and enables individuals to become the fitter, faster, and stronger versions of themselves over time, resulting in an increased work capacity. CrossFit seeks to develop a healthier version of yourself through losing unhealthy weight, toning of muscles and pushing you to your limits, allowing you to do things you never imagined you could do, such as your very first pull-up!

3. No Two Days Are The Same

It is often said that change is the only constant but it is also change that keeps people from getting bored. The warm up exercises and the WOD varies daily and it’s perfect for individuals who are constantly seeking new challenges. This advocates CrossFit athletes to head to the gym more often and be assured to have something to look forward to at every session.

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4. Achieving Your Fitness Goals Within Your Means
In CrossFit, individuals are always taught safe and efficient movement patterns. In addition, the key concept focuses on using scaled-down progressions to help individuals ease into the program and improve in their fitness either through simpler movements or adjusting the weight and number of reps. Universal scalability endorses the idea that everyone can do CrossFit safely and have fun at the same time, that’s one mantra that the good people at CrossFit Mobilus believes in.

5.  Ideal Workout For Pregnant Mums-To-Be
Physical exercise performed safely is beneficial for both mother and baby. With the concept of universal scalability and the use of progressions, CrossFit is an ideal fitness program during pregnancy and also effective as a post-natal workout. Movements can be modified or scaled down, and the intended intensity of workouts can be appropriately decreased so that pregnant mums are able to join in and exercise safely, with the emphasis placed on moving comfortably, safely, and staying active.

Inspirational CrossFit Mums 

Be inspired by these amazing CrossFit mums who are working towards their fitness goal with every session. For more fitspo galore, follow them on Instagram at @denaebrown, @eakinwale, @amandaschwartz3 and @anniekimiko.


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