Yoon Salon Reviews: Singapore’s Premier Boutique Hair Salon

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By Seraphina Khoo
August 6, 2020

Yoon Salon: A Leader In Its Field

A leader in its field, staffed by hairstylists with numerous years of experience to boot, Yoon has been dedicating its exceptional services towards assisting its clients in tackling hair issues as well as achieve their desired locks. Its highly acclaimed team of stylists are skilled at perfecting a cut that will have you donning a stylish and versatile new look with every visit. Plus, with their expertise, you will be assured that they will meticulously formulate a customised treatment for your specific needs.

At Yoon, only top-quality, safe, and gentle products are used to pamper and rejuvenate your locks to its luscious, voluminous natural state. They boast an extensive selection of styling services that include cut and blow, rebonding, colouring, perming, as well as a range of specialised scalp and hair treatments.

Yoon Salon: Hair Cut & Styling Services

• Premium Hair Cut

This premium cut service offers a personalised style guide with cuts designed uniquely for every face shape. Utilising cutting techniques including the wedge, blunt, layered, and graduated cuts with great precision, their hairdressers professionally envision, snip, and style your locks to your heart’s desire.

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For kids age 2 to 16, this service is suitable for them as well. All you would have to do is present appropriate identification, such as a passport or student identification card, to qualify them for a kids cut and let the stylists do their magic. Do note that parents or guardians must stay with your child during the appointment so that he or she feels safe and relaxed from start to finish.

• Premium Hair Colouring + Creative Colouring + Bleaching

Using rich and high-quality colour dyes from L’Oréal to Arctic Fox, colouring at Yoon will have you leaving the salon with not only a brand new look, but with tresses that are strengthened, nourished, and guaranteed the envy of onlookers. The premium colouring service caters to those looking for both semi-permanent and temporary dyes. A semi-permanent dye’s gorgeous new shade will typically last for at least four to six weeks without fading while temporary dyes can last up to eight washes. However this will vary between individual and rest assured you will be appropriately advised by your stylist. Should you require bleaching in order to lighten your locks, recommendations will also be made.

Want more out of your coloured locks? Opt for Creative Colouring services that use Balayage or Ombre techniques. Balayage is done by colouring parts of your tresses upon which light naturally reflects are specially dyed, achieving a sun-kissed, sun-bathed look. Ombre, on the other hand, is a technique that results in tones that gradually change from darker shades to lighter shades in a multi-faceted, gorgeous gradient. As with all colouring services, after-care treatment to maintain your vivid shades is highly pivotal.

• Premium Hair Perming

Classic Perm, Korean S-Curl, C-Curl, Japanese Perm, you name it, you got it at Yoon. With any choice of perm, your tresses will be soft and natural-looking, with bouncy and smooth curls. The Korean S-Curl and C-Curl are all the rage now and both curling techniques are entirely different. The S-Curl shapes the ends of your tresses into head-turning waves filled with volume and bounce, whereas for the C-Curl, the ends are restructured and reshaped into an inward curve, giving life to otherwise somewhat lifeless tresses. If you have shorter coifs, they will certainly look more chi-chi with this style.

• Premium Hair Rebonding + Creative Hair Shaping

Straight and soft rebonding are offered at Yoon with stronger chemicals and higher heat temperature being used for the former to ensure the tresses are extremely straightened. With the soft rebonding technique, gentler chemicals and lower heat temperature are used to achieve a wavy, natural look without the frizz.

Rebonding and perming in one sitting? That is what the Creative Hair Shaping service at Yoon is all about. Both the C-Curl and S-Curl Rebonding services involve straightening the crown of your tresses with the former inward swirling the ends and the latter achieving beautifully-curled waves.

Yoon Salon: Hair & Scalp Treatment Services

Defrizz, repair, gloss, strength, smoothen – Yoon’s treatment services are a must especially after you have undergone their premium service. The main gist of a hair treatment is to tame down frizziness, strengthen roots, and regain strong and silky locks. To ensure effectiveness of the treatment, your stylist will first apply Milbon Primer Accelerator to your tresses to enhance the effect of the overall procedure. Thereafter, your locks will be infused with Milbon essence to repair, smoothen, and strengthen the cuticles in your strands. Finally, a sealing serum will be coated on your locks after the first two steps. You will also be treated to four weekly hair boosters to prolong the effect of the treatment.

Say hello to a healthy, clean scalp with Yoon’s Premium Scalp Treatment service! Whether you are seeking treatment to an ever-present oily, sensitive, hair loss scalp, or simply just want to be pampered with a relaxing head and scalp massage, a trip to the salon would be worth your while. As natural hormones in your body affects your crowning glory, it is crucial to maintain the health of your tresses with regular treatment and touch-up sessions. All of Yoon’s treatment services are safe and do not have any side effects, but should you have any allergies, it is best to consult your stylist first.

Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Premium Wash & Blow

Sometimes all you need is a comforting, pampering wash and massage to melt the stresses of the day away. A deep cleansing wash helps to remove dirt and excess oil, which has proven to be one of the keys to a healthy scalp and mane. With a relaxing head, shoulder, and neck massage performed by a trained stylist at Yoon, it melts away muscle tension, enhances stimulation of blood in your scalp, and ultimately also encourages hair growth.

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