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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

Mother’s Day Wellness Retreat at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa

Some of our favourite mums had an early Mother's Day wellness retreat at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, jointly organised together with Mummyfique and Skin Inc.
Mums celebrated Mother's Day early at a wellness retreat in Montigo Resorts, Nongsa.
By Kimberly
May 2, 2024

Over the weekend, our mums headed to Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, for a well-deserved Mother’s Day celebration and wellness retreat, jointly organised by Skin Inc and Mummyfique. Here they learned about the five pillars of wellness for a holistic reset, to return to their families well rested, rejuvenated and recharged.

Arrival at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa

Just a short 45min ride away from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, the guests arrived at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and the Montigo staff whisked them away to the resort with express clearance. Arriving at the resort, the mums were warmly greeted with a refreshing drink, towels and traditional dance by local dancers. 

5 Pillars of Wellness

For this retreat, the intention was to focus on self-care to help improve mums’ mental, physical and emotional well-being and help them take care of themselves so they could in turn take care of their families. 

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

To fill their social cup, mums had ample time to bond during the activities, and of course, during meals. Hence, they could create meaningful connections with the other mums around them, share their daily challenges and build a supportive community. In turn, these help build emotional resilience, improve communication, and increase self-esteem.

Over the next 36 hours, they tried the best cuisine Montigo Resort, Nongsa had to offer.

Warung Montigo

First, they sampled Warung Montigo’s local Indonesian cuisine, featuring traditional familial recipes from the Riau Islands and beyond. A brigade of local chefs prepared these dishes, including gado gado, a blanced vegetable salad with peanut sauce and Ayam Pangang Berempah, roast chicken with complementary side dishes. 

Dinner Under the Stars at Panoramic

Next was dinner under the stars at Panoramic, with views of the ocean and Singapore in the distance, accompanied by live music. Added surprises included fireworks and guests were also treated to impromptu performances by homegrown singers Kewei, Sarah and Norfasarie.

Breakfast at TADD's

Guests started their second day with a breakfast buffet spread at poolside restaurant TADD’s, serving local and international favourites. Some examples include homemade pastries, bircher muesli, or the live cooking stations serving up Mee Soto and roti prata. Rounding up this spread are fresh pressed juices, the nourishing traditional Indonesian herbal tonic jamu, barista-made coffees and teas. 

Exclusive Lunch at Hinotori

Guests were also the first to try the newest addition to Montigo’s portfolio of dining options, Hinotori. This contemporary Japanese izakaya is set within a cliffside mirrored jewel box that overlooks the South China Sea.  

Emotional - Journaling and Mindfulness Workshop

As for emotional wellness, the workshop aimed to help mums build their resilience, learning healthy ways to cope with difficulties. Examples of these include practicing gratitude every day, learning from mistakes and seeing challenging situations as opportunities for growth.

To help mums with their emotional wellness, mums learned useful self-care tips in a journaling and mindfulness session that included a DIY scents workshop to harness the benefits of essential oils.

Spiritual - Art Therapy through Tie Dying

Next, guests tried their hands at tie-dying to create a unique memento for themselves and their families. Art therapy is shown to help increase serotonin, but improving blood flow to the part of the brain associated with pleasure. Additionally, it can help foster new ways of thinking. Other benefits include lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression, while providing inspiration and pride in their work, boosting self-esteem and confidence. 

Massage for Overall Wellness

Guests also enjoyed a pampering 60 minute massage at the award-winning Montigo Wellness Sanctuary, choosing from Indonesian, Montigo or Thai massages. Be spoilt for choice in the single or couple suites or in the authentic Sumatran hut for group massages. Nestled in the tranquil forest, close to the beach, the sound of the waves will be your personal soundtrack during the pampering session.

Regina said, “Grateful for the thoughtfully planned massage session that all of us mummies absolutely need!” She added that she fell asleep soon after the massage began. 

The ladies ready for their relaxing massage at the Montigo Wellness Sanctuary, choosing from an Indonesian, Montigo and Thai massage, to improve blood circulation, reduce tension and promote relaxation.
Mental Wellbeing - Pyjama Party

Crucial to improving mental health, a good night’s sleep helps improve learning and problem-solving skills. Additionally, with sufficient sleep, you can better control emotions and behaviour, cope with change and make better decisions. Hence, the pyjama party segment aimed to help improve mums’ sleep with luxuriously soft mulberry silk pyjamas, aromatherapy and also through building an effective nighttime skincare routine. These would help mums look and feel their best. 

Improving Your Sleep with SOVA Silk Pyjamas
Gidania, Cheryl Chin, Cordelia, May, Norfasarie, Roxanne and Sheila with their mocktails, and dressed in their embroidered, mulberry silk pyjamas from SOVA Silk.

Next, guests were surprised with two racks of mulberry silk pyjama sets from homegrown label SOVA, and were delighted to find that these pyjamas were embroidered with their names. May shared, “Picked up my personalised pyjamas from SOVA Silk. It’s sooo soft and cooling!”

Candle Making Workshop
Kicking off the night's activities, guests made their own personalised cruelty-free soy candles with their favourite scents. These include Aestas, a summer scent based around the Old Fashioned cocktail, with citrus notes.

Next, guests learned how to make their own candles in a workshop led by Aura Sanctum. Aromatherapy can help in improving mental health, by aiding in relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress. Even better, it can improve sleep and help you be calmer, thus improving your overall well-being.

Launch of Skin Inc's De-Age Device
Cindy, Regina, Sydney and Audrey posing during the skincare workshop, where they learned to build an effective and effortless night-time skincare routine. Image credit: Sydney Ho

After putting the finishing touches on their candles, Skin Inc founder Sabrina Tan showcased their newest skinnovation, the De-Age LED EMS device that incorporates a serum with 20 benefits in one. With consistent use – just 3 min a day – fine lines, crow’s feet, skin density and hydration should all improve. 

Reel Making Session
Brainstorming ideas for their reels

Afterwards, the mums were challenged to create a reel, thus they split into smaller groups to conceptualise a reel with music and captions. 

The winners, Cheryl, Norfasarie and Sarah, won Skin Inc’s 24k Gold Sculpt Lift Bars. These help achieve a V-sculpted and lifted look. 

Physical: De Age Session for Face and Body

 Finally, engaging in physical activities like yoga can boost our mood, concentration and alertness, cardiovascular and overall physical health.

The thoughtfully prepared refreshments and breakfast pastries for the guests.
The spread included croissants and fruit skewers.
Tackling their mum as Nellie uses the De-Age LED EMS device.
Amanda practicing de-bloating her face in three minutes with the De-Age LED EMS device.

The next morning guests gathered to de-bloat both their faces and bodies, using the De-Age LED EMS device, and with yoga led by fitness influencer and seasoned yoga instructor Roxanne Gan.

Roxanne Gan then led them in a morning yoga session. One such pose was the upward dog, which opens the chest and lungs, and strengthens your wrists, shoulders and back. Sharon shared, "Roxanne Gan gave us the best stretch over the weekend, which I needed so much because my whole body was so tight."
The group posing after the morning yoga session
Skin Inc Mother's Day Promotions

From 1st to 12th May, enjoy 20 per cent off storewide with code: MOM20, and save up to 43 per cent on Tri-Light facial device sets and De-Age Device sets. Additionally, enjoy free gifts worth up to $294 including high tea for two at St. Regis. Bring your mum to enjoy a custom serum experience at Skin Inc’s flagship store, and enjoy a complimentary St. Regis high tea for two (worth $150++). 

Furthermore, choose between 5 to 25 sessions of custom Deepcare Facial treatment packages ($888 to $3,488) and get a complimentary 1 night stay at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa’s villas. These range from a 1-bedroom villa up to a 3-bedroom villa, including a complimentary Skin Revival Infusion Serum. 

Mother's Day Promotions at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa

Start planning your own Mother’s Day getaway at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, and get 40 per cent off the Best Available Online Rate when you book on their website using the code LOVEMOM. Available for 1 – 3 Bedroom villas, the price is inclusive of breakfast. Additionally, mums can enjoy a complimentary selected 1h full body massage at Montigo Wellness during their stays. Other special treats for the Mother’s Day getaway include kid and mum activities like having the children write a love letter to their mums, cake decoration together and making love bracelets. 


Mums received a curated goodie bag filled with essentials for the trip, including footwear by Ipanema and sunglasses by Lenskart. Image credit: Cindy Tan
Amazin' Graze
Those feeling peckish on the ferry ride could snack on the umami Miso Seaweed Nut Mix by Amazin' Graze. This features a mix of almonds, cashews and sunflowers glazed in miso and coated with seaweed shreds. Image credit: Cindy Tan

Starting in a home kitchen, the co-founders of Amazin’ Graze began with the classic range of granolas and nut mixes, and today their dedicated team of food lovers produce fresh and delicious foods. One such snack is the Immunity Booster Trail Mix, featuring a crunchy mix of pecans, cashews, walnuts and pumpkin seed with a little cinnamon and nutmeg, refreshing apple slices and juicy raisins. These provide a good boost of protein and fibre. 

Anya Active
Anya Active's range of activewear is inclusive, with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, and are suitable for a variety of exercises including yoga and pilates.

Promoting diversity and inclusion, Anya Active, founded by Melinda Sutikno, was started to help women stay active while embracing their body. For higher intensity exercises, consider Cloud, with higher compression and is quick dry. 

Batam Fast Ferries
Travellers can depart from either Harbourfront Centre Ferry Terminal or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore, and reach four different terminals in Batam.

Established in 1985, Batam Fast Ferry now has 26 ferries operating daily, with 80 departure schedules over six ferry terminals and four routes. We took the route from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura, about 45mins away. These ferries are equipped with the latest in navigational control, are air-conditioned, with in-house video and bar counter. 

Special for Mummyfique Readers: Use promo code MUMMYFIQUE to get $5 off per return ticket for depatures from now till May 14, 2024. Use this promo code when booking ferry tickets at Batam Fast or on the mobile app.

Hey Revel

The gratitude planner helps you put in place a personal crisis plan, strategies to overcome self-doubt and practice to maintain healthy boundaries. 

More than just a planner for your daily tasks and schedules, this Hey Revel 2024 Gratitude Planner, designed by GML Gallery, also includes pages for your guided reflections, a daily gratitude practice, and setting your intentions every day. Other features include weekly and monthly overviews.

Ipanema's range of stylish footwear is 100 per cent recyclable, ethically and responsibly manufactured. Image credit: Cindy Tan

The trendsetting sandal label, Ipanema footwear is manufactured in Brazil, with a wide range of fashionable, functional sandals and flip flops. Additionally, Ipanema’s footwear does not use any Amazon rainforest rubber, and 99 per cent of their waste products are recycled. Along the same lines, the workplaces are integrated into communities around their factories in northern Brazil. All employees and families are fairly compensated with healthcare and personal development benefits. Even the production units are optimised for those with disabilities, to help improve and develop the employees’ performance. 

Kombucha Works
Katherine Sng began brewing kombucha for her family to improve their immunity and health. Image credit: Kombucha Works

Starting from 2014, Katherine Sng began brewing kombucha for her family members, and in 2017, she decided to start Kombucha Works to share her passion with others, making kombucha brewing easy and accessible. Start with 50ml, and slowly work your way up to 250ml. Naturally, the young, old, pregnant or those with a weak immune system and special dietary requirements should first consult their doctors for any concerns. 

Roxanne Gan in her Lenskart sunglasses. Shopping for sunglasses or eyeglasses is efficient with Lenskart's augemented reality technology, allowing you to upload a selfie to see what frames suit you best. Additionally, you can also further customise your eyewear to ensure it suits your lifestyle. Image credit: Roxanne Gan
Aiming to disrupt the eyewear industry every step of the way, Lenskart ensures eyewear is affordable ($50 and up) while delivering the highest quality. Additionally, all stores offer free eye tests from their specially trained optometrists. Currently, there are more than 900 stores in Singapore, India and Dubai, and you can also try on hundreds of styles with 3D Try-On online or via their mobile application. After taking a selfie, the augmented reality system will help you choose three pairs of glasses that suit your face best. From there, choose from single lens, bifocals or progressive lenses, to block from harmful rays, or tinted glasses. Additional options include upgrading your glasses to be crack, smudge and scratch resistant, blocking blue light and suitable for night drives (additional $150). 
In order to reduce waste, reBynd works with eco-conscious suppliers around the world to craft high-quality, low impact goods like these personalisable Bon Voyage luggage tags. Image credit: rebyndofficial

Founders of Bynd Artisan, James Quan and Winnie Chan, launched reBynd in 2022 as part of the company’s efforts in reducing its environmental impact and wastage through optimising, upcycling and recycling materials. 

Some benefits of the Hyaluronic Acid-infused pillowcase from SOVA Silk include anti-aging properties, hydration and overall skin rejuvenation, all while you sleep. Image credit: Cindy Tan

For the pyjama party, guests changed into their SOVA Silk mulberry silk pyjamas, with names embroidered onto them. Made from the highest 6A grade mulberry silk, these pyjamas have thermoregulating properties, are gentle on your skin and naturally hypoallergenic. Boost your sleep routine with a hyaluronic acid-infused mulberry silk pillowcase and wake up refreshed without creases on the face or frizz in the hair. 

Exclusive Mother’s Day Promo: Get 15 per cent off with a minimum spend of $100 with code 15OFF, or 20 per cent off with a minimum spend of $250 and above, using promo code 20OFF

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