Trendy Tot Tuesday: Jarius Yeo

Our trendy tot this week is none other than local actor Ben Yeo’s bowl-haired younger son, Jarius! This little one is often spotted around town with his dad and older brother in tow, usually dressed stylishly. And he’s garnered quite a number of fans, thanks to the frequent appearances he makes on his dad’s Instagram account.

Thank you Uniqlo! #UTxKAWSandPeanuts

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Affectionately known as安安 (An An), Jarius can be spotted a mile away thanks to his ‘signature’ bowl haircut. We also find that it gives him a unique, retro vibe, after all that was when this cut was last trendy. For example this denim overall and high top printed sneaker combination on him, it would look like an ordinary ensemble on another boy, but on Jarius it looks especially cute.

Hello May! #happylabourday #familybonding #乐乐安安 #五一劳动节

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Don’t be deceived by his looks though, Jarius is extremely active and participated in the Spartan Junior Race 2017, and got a medal for finishing.

His dad’s love for soccer is slowly rubbing off on him as well – there’s no guessing which team he supports for now and maybe ever!

Other than a love for soccer, the little one seems to have inherited his dad’s sense of style. Often we spot him looking like a miniature version of his dad, though it could possibly be because their faces look alike when they smile.

我就是要这样看着你长大。#安安 #爸爸日记 #fatherhood #dadsforlifesg

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My wife sent me this. ? #samesamebutdifferent #missmyboys #croatia #dubrovnik #tourleading #安安

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Jarius is usually dressed in very classic style combos such as a cardigan over a tee combo. It’s hard to go wrong and Jarius gives his look some character by wearing a striped shirt underneath and giving his monochromatic outfit a pop of colour with bright blue shoes.

In the mood for Christmas. #安安乐乐 #Newbalancekids #yeezy #350 #neighborhood #Uniqlo #muji

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He isn’t just able to pull off casual combinations, he looks just as good when he dresses up. We do think that this barbershop quartet look that he has going on for him in his little pinstriped suit is a good look on him.

Jarius is also a fan of his big bro and can often be spotted in matching outfits, matching in everything from head to toe.

When is daddy coming back? #lifein247 #newbalancesg #bapekids #burger #安安乐乐

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安安乐乐第一次亲手包的云吞,想吃吗?#初五 #爸爸日记 #fatherhood

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Dad Ben sometimes doesn’t want to miss out on the fun and joins in the matching outfits fun and there’s nothing like matching father and son outfits that will make us go “awww”.

The Pokemon lover turned five in 2017, and it won’t be long before he’s all grown up – hopefully he’ll still keep his adorable hairstyle, but even if he doesn’t we are sure that his fans will still love him! Grow up strong and healthy Jarius!


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