Halloween: 3 Quick Hair-Raising Looks For Dads

No dads, we didn’t forget you. We’ve put together three quick looks you can throw together with some ripped up clothes this Halloween.

The Handsome Vamp
This is as simple as it gets for Halloween. Smooth on some pale foundation then smear on a little brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line for that, ‘I haven’t slept in a year’ look. Bloody up your inner lip with red lipstick or really go to town with it for a ‘just fed’ blood lusty finish.

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Bloody Stitched Face
Think you can handle more than some smudging? Try drawing on some stitches. Sketch out your scar then slap on some foundation to the area above the scar and blend outwards. Smudge on some burnt orange or brown eyeshadow (this doesn’t have to be perfect). Deepen the scar with red and brown shadow for dimension. Use a a black eyeliner to draw on stitches and outline in white. Drip on fake blood.

Pop Art
Pop Art is a fun one to try. Start with pale foundation and concealer, skin needs to look clean. Lightly contour and highlight your face. Apply black liquid lipstick or eyeliner in the eyebrows and facial contours. Outline your black contours with a white eyeliner and finally, dot your face. Ta-daa… Pop Art!

See here for more in our Halloween series. Happy Halloween!

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