Where To Get Cute Animal Shoes For Kids

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By Samantha Jong
May 9, 2017

There are some things that you can pull off only when you are a kid (or have a child-like heart), and one of them is wearing cute animal shoes. So don’t hold back when you see adorable shoes that have been designed to look like their favourite animals. Here are some of the cutest ones that we’ve recently spotted in the market.


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Espadrilles in Natural White and Grey, S$17.95, from H&M.

Ladybird Sneaker in Red, S$59, from EMU Australia.

Mini Melissa Mia + Fabula Butterfly Sandal in Pink, S$95, from Melissa.


Jazzie Grey Mary Janes, S$64, from Pediped.

Angulus Gold Butterfly Closed Toe Sandals, US$98, from Alex and Alexa.

Mini Melissa Mia + Fabula Kitty Sandal in Green, S$95, from Melissa.

Monkey Skate Sneaker, S$59, from EMU Australia.