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Confinement Centres for Mums’ Postnatal Recovery

At these luxurious postpartum centres, recuperate after childbirth, enjoying nutritious confinment food, postnatal care and the best care for your baby.
Recover from childbirth at a confinement centre like Momley Loft in Singapore to heal your postpartum body while having round-the-clock care for your newborn.
By Kimberly
November 3, 2023

Start your motherhood journey fully equipped, and with as much rest as possible. While you recuperate from childbirth in these luxurious postpartum centres, a nanny will look after your newborn round the clock so you can get more rest – and also equip yourself with more knowledge and skills to take care of your newborn. 

Momley Loft

Nursery and postpartum massage images credit: Candyce Toh and Burqq

Momley Loft is a confinement centre on the 3rd floor of the Aranda Country Club. Accessible only via key card, mums can recuperate in 5-star deluxe or premier suites up to 69sqm (S$11,888 to $20,888). Some room amenities include a king-sized bed, breastfeeding armchair, nursing pillow and Honeywell air purifier.. Throughout their stays, mums can enjoy daily housekeeping (except Sundays), laundry for Momley Loft linens, postpartum classes by Hegen, and bundled postpartum massages by Madam Partum. At the same time, they can feast on a carefully curated confinement menu verified by a qualified nutritionist, drink confinement soups and teas, and bathe with herbal baths by Madam Partum.

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021
Breastfeeding Assistance and Newborn Care

For breastfeeding mums, a Hegen welcome pack is available, including breast pump accessories, feeding and breast milk storage bottles. To boost their supply, they can snack on Cookie Queen lactation cookies, or use the electric pump and charger available during their stay. Newborns can also be supplemented with S-26 Gold Newborn formula milk when necessary. While mums get their well-deserved rest, they can still watch over their precious newborns in the Momley Loft Stork Room, with a real-time video and monitoring care system for each bassinet. 

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Singapore’s newest postpartum centre has just launched at the stylish and elegant Capella Singapore. BELLA VILLA is SAINT BELLA’s luxury resort-style maternity and baby care brand, whose high-profile guests include actresses Tina Tang, Yumeng Sui, and Gina Alice, well-known pianist, and wife of Lang Lang. SAINT BELLA and its sub-brand Baby BELLA have opened nearly 50 locations across Asia. BELLA VILLA Singapore is the first international centre providing mothers and babies the highest standard of care, as well as comprehensive and cutting-edge postpartum care services. Accommodation options include two-bedroom suites from 170 sqm to 524 sqm at the Capella Manor (prices from S$68,800/28 days).

Amenities and Services include: 
  • Round-the-clock one-on-one nursing care by professionally trained nurses and care specialists
  • Exclusive butler service 
  • IBCLC lactation guidance and routine breast care
  • Perineal and Caesarean section incisions care by trained nurses
  • One-on-one health consultations by senior doctors, TCM practitioner and nutritionist
  • Postpartum wellness, and recovery treatments
  • Daily visits by head nurse to assess newborns growth and monitoring of jaundice levels
  • Innovative Art Therapy programmes in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE
    magazines to uplift mother’s mood and enhance parent-child bond
  • Early infant education sensory training programs
  • Newborn photography sessions and full month celebrations

Voice of Flower Confinement Care Centre

Next, Voice of Flower Confinement Care Centre provides new mums a nurturing environment to rest and recover from childbirth. Located in the award-winning Art Deco heritage buildings at 25 Chapel Road, the Voice of Flower Centre offers excellent, high-quality postpartum care (S$20,000 for 28 days) for puererae and their newborns. Some highlights include their postpartum rehabilitation system including pelvic floor repair and correction and fixing diastasis recti. Voice of Flower was also the first to introduce postpartum Gyrokinesis to help postpartum mums in Singapore. Founded by Julie Horvath, and embraced by Korean stars Son Ye Jin and Lee Young-ae, Voice of Flower uses Gyrokinesis to correct pelvic misalignment, postnatal wide hip, and restores spine posture. Therefore, this helps mums restore their spine posture and develop coordination. 

Additionally, the confinement food – five meals a day – is prepared by an in-house team of chefs after consulting nutritionists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. After a weekly TCM consultation, the menus are adjusted to suit each mother’s rate of recovery.  Other services include breastfeeding consultations, postpartum massages and caring for your baby. 

Rooming Arrangements for Families

Spouses can stay with their wives, and older children can visit their mums every day. However, the children can only stay overnight on weekends. Meanwhile, newborns will stay in the nursery, supervised by nannies. Otherwise, choose the VIP room, where your baby and nanny can stay together with you.

KAI Singapore

KAI Singapore has 18 comfortable and elegant private Deluxe and Premium Suites, only for registered guests and their spouses.

The first licensed premium confinement hotel in Singapore, KAI Singapore offers holistic pre- and postpartum care by a team of experts in a heritage building on Dunearn Road. Aside from creating a tailored strategy for mums’ well-being and recovery, new parents can also learn to care for their infants, while being supported in their feeding preferences. Meanwhile, mums can feast on delectable confinement menus customised to their postpartum and dietary needs, prepared according to TCM principles with locally sourced produce and ingredients. Alternatively, home food delivery – for mums and babies – and catering bento boxes are also available. 

Complementing mums’ postnatal recovery, KAI’s spa treatments include Jamu treatment with Bengkung wrap, lactation and head and shoulder relaxation treatments. Additionally, KAI Singapore also offers  FDA-cleared Emsculpt, Emsella, and Exilis devices to address various post-pregnancy concerns.

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The Clover Suites

Sherlyn Ler celebrating her birthday during her postpartum recovery at The Clover Suites. Image credit: Sherlyn Ler

Otherwise, consider The Clover Suites, the first boutique hotel concept catering exclusively to postpartum mums with new babies. An integrated wellness haven, the four-storey Clover Suites (from S$8,888 to $18,888 for 14 days and 28 days respectively) at Siglap combines the expertise of medical practitioners and wellness specialists, along with Easter and Western health modalities.

Amenities and Services include: 
  • Specially crafted massages, premium facials, spa services and herbal hair washes
  • Jamu postnatal massage and Bengkung wrap
  • 1 session breast or lactation massage
  • Hair loss treatment and care and professional hairdos and makeup.
  • Cafe lounge with accompanying medical clinic
  • Five nutritious and exquisite meals per day with the finest ingredients and foods by highly qualified chefs

My Queen Postpartum Care Centre

Founder of MyQueen, Mei Ling and former MP Lee Bee Wah outside the room where new parents are taught to take care of their precious babies. Image credit: Lee Bee Wah

Another option, tucked away in Sentosa Island at Oasia Resort Sentosa is My Queen Postpartum Care Centre. Founder Mei Ling aims to improve personal health and wellbeing – both physically and psychologically – post-delivery (S$19,888 nett for 28 days). These are championed by two nursing leaders with an average of more than 40 years of experience in maternal and infant care. 

Amenities and Services include: 
  • 24h reception
  • Room housekeeping
  • Round-the-clock care for mum and baby
  • Nutritious meals
  • Appropriate exercise plans
  • Helping mums through their breastfeeding journeys, with lactation consultation visits.
  • Complimentary activities and workshops, like soap making and pryce tea appreciation.
  • Evidence-based knowledge to help mums prioritise their recoveries
  • Equipping mums with the knowledge and skills in baby care, nutrition and immunisations

SingJoy Confinement Centre

Another option is SingJoy Tanglin at the luxurious Shangri-La Apartments, including a nursing chair and pillow and other baby essentials.

Next, at SingJoy Confinement Centre in either Shangri-La Apartments or LK Residences at Havelock, meals – three main meals, afternoon snack, herbal soup and herbal tea – are planned and prepared by their in-house chef, with more than a decade of experience in confinement meal preparation. Prices range from S$13,200 to $45,800, for 14 to 56 days.

Amenities and Services include: 
  • Breastfeeding support from in-house IBCLC lactation consulting team
  • 24h dedicated nanny for newborns
  • 24h butler services
  • One-way complimentary transport, laundry services
  • Complimentary cake for baby’s first month celebration
  • Daily herbal showers and foot spas, massages, hair wash, “Bojin” facial
  • Pelvic floor muscle test and recovery, infrared rays for wound care
  • Pre- and postnatal classes to help mums on their journeys
  • Meaningful craft workshops like handcrafted breastmilk soap, or sculpting baby’s hands and feet.

New Life Confinement Centre

Otherwise, try New Life Confinement Centre - its newest location is at West Coast Crescent.

Alternatively, New Life Confinement Centre has two locations at Wilby Road and West Coast Crescent, with modern hotel-style confinement rooms (prices from S$12,998 for 14 days to $22,888 for 28 days). Here, mums and babies can recuperate in peace and privacy, with a professional nanny assigned to each room to assist wherever necessary. 

Amenities and Services include: 
  • Lochia observation and guidance, uterine recovery, breastfeeding support, surgical wound recovery and guidance, and postnatal depression guidance
  • 24h constant care for babies: jaundice, umbilical cord care, buttock rash care, baby massages and activities to stimulate baby’s early intellectual development.
  • Five customised confinement meals a day, daily red date tea, with ingredients like bird’s nest and sea cucumber.
  • Pickup service from hospital to apartment
  • Newborn and family photography, full month celebrations
  • Herbal bathing, hair washing and foot baths
  • Infrared light wound healing
  • Postnatal massage
  • Moxibustion therapy
  • Breast dredging

ReJoy Suites

Over at ReJoy Suites, with a nurse to baby ratio of 1:4, prioritise your postpartum recovery while assured that your baby is in good hands.

Operated by a team of dedicated healthcare and postpartum care professionals, ReJoy Suites Confinement Center’s team combines modern science with the wisdom of Eastern practices for postpartum recovery. Located on Braddell Road near world-class hospitals and shopping centres, their luxurious, contemporary-style suites create a restful environment for mothers and newborns.

Amenities and Services include: 
  • Qualified nurses and caregivers to attend to babies with 24h professional care
  • Medical doctors and TCM physicians review newborns weekly
  • Will monitor baby’s overall development 
  • Baby nursery with air purifier, independent air-conditioning, air quality monitoring equipment, daily UV disinfection
  • Professional phototherapy lights for neonatal jaundice
  • Designated refrigerators and freezers to store breastmilk
  • Baby Tuina
  • Moxibustion Warm Therapy
  •  TCM Postpartum Herbal Bath
  • Royal Head & Scalp Spa

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