10 Facts About Moony Diapers – Featuring First-hand Experiences From 3 Mums!

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Mums rejoice! Moony is having its Super Grand Opening in Singapore on 5th March, 2020, on Lazada. We bring you 10 facts about the brand, plus, three mums share with us their experience with Natural Moony, Moony’s new premium diaper range.​

Our Mums

Jenny Tay
Managing director, Direct Funeral Services

Jenny Tay, managing director of Direct Funeral Services, was instrumental in improving the professionalism, transparency and the overall image of the funeral industry. The company’s initiative, Direct Life Foundation engages in charitable efforts to help elderlies living on their own, in hospices and homes because they believe passionately in improving the quality of their lives.

Jenny is also a mum of two, and together with her husband, they aim to give their daughters a memorable childhood through valuable experiences. Their focus is to give their children lots of happy playtime, and for them to learn through fun activities, while imparting their daughters with good moral values.

Marie Soh
Founder of 27a.co

Marie Soh, founder of 27a.co, is a hair and makeup artist who started the image and makeup consultancy, featuring prominent magazines, Sephora, and Givenchy Beauty. Also a mum of two, her passions include travelling and baking delectable cookies.

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Jerilyn Moon
Founder and Head Curator, The Social Ones

Our third mum is actress Jerilyn Moon, the founder and head curator behind The Social Ones, curating grazing tables, platters, and picnic baskets. Aside from running this business, Jerilyn, is also a mum of two.

A Little More About Our Mums

Creating a nurturing home environment

Jenny and her husband create a nurturing experience for their children through free play and encouraging them to use their own imagination. Their children also have access to books, different household items, and an assortment of toys that were gifted to them.

Similarly, Marie allows her kids to explore freely with open-ended play to allow their imagination to “run wild”. Her kids spend an hour or two playing together to learn how to share their toys and Marie gives them her undivided attention. They role-play, build castles, and she says, “Screen time is a luxury in my home for the kids and I rather them be playing and communicating.”

Jerilyn aims to create a safe haven for her kids where their needs are met and they feel both seen and heard. Her children are free to explore and fail, knowing that they are unconditionally loved.

Lifestyle changes

Spending time with their kids have been of utmost importance for our mums. Jenny says, “I will always try to be there to put my children to bed.” Marie added that her world has turned upside down  as now the family retires to bed early and their household is “dark and quiet by 8.30pm”. She shared that it’s always a constant struggle to balance her kids’ mental health, trying to be the best parents. They also have to manage society’s – and the older generation’s – expectations, social media influences, and try to ensure their marriage is solid. 

What's in their diaper bags?

Diapers aside, Jerilyn says that her diaper bag usually contains wipes, changing mat, nursing cover, change of clothes for the baby, as well as a wet bag, in case of blowouts. Snacks, toys, water bottle, and formula milk in a bottle for her older daughter are the added extras in Jenny’s bag.

Choosing the best products for their kids

All the products Jenny uses for her children are sourced through her own or friends’ research. Most crucial? She requires diapers that are gentle on her daughters’ sensitive skin and doesn’t leak! 

“If I can’t stop touching it, I know it’s a winner!” says Jerilyn, who selects products that feel good on her babies’ sensitive skin. Since she knows babies are prone to big blowouts at the most inconvenient times, leakage and fit are the the most important factors when choosing a diaper. Comfort is also key so diaper materials that irritate or leave marks on her babies’ skin are out the door.

Do You Know?

1. Moony is the leader in diaper innovation.

Part of Japanese brand Unicharm and brother brand of Mamypoko, Moony was launched in 1981 and pioneered products like the world’s first anti-leakage diapers and its signature Air Fit. First launched in 2016, the Natural Moony diapers are the brand’s latest innovation. Petroleum-free, no toxic ingredients, provide a snug fit, fitted with side gathers and loose stool sheets, this is a mum’s dream come true as baby stays dry and comfy all day long, without any leakages!

2. Unicharm is a socially responsible company. 

Mums who are passionate about social and environmental causes should know that Unicharm is also similarly invested in these issues. For starters, Unicharm has been working to recycle diapers and in creating the renowned slim fit diapers, they’ve reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 35 per cent! They’ve also educated families in Myanmar and India so that girls and women know how to use female hygiene products and to give them a better quality of life. 

In Saudi Arabia, Unicharm has also established a women-only factory which employs women of all ages. This factory includes amenities like a daycare centre, first-aid room, cafeteria and rest area. Women there can also explore new opportunities like joining their sales planning team, as well as becoming sales promoters. With Moony, not only are you giving your little bubs day and night comfort but are also supporting a good cause!

3. Moony diapers provide all-natural comfort for babies. 

Gentler and formulated with less chemicals, this diaper range is made out of just four ingredients! The unique organic cotton top sheet is infused with rice, jojoba, and olive oils – all the good stuff. As babies’ skin is about half as thick as adults’, Natural Moony’s organic cotton layer is less harsh and helps reduce diaper rash. Natural Moony Tape has also achieved OEKO-TEX®  certification, free from harmful substances.

Jenny shares that she loves that it’s made of organic cotton and “really safe for my baby’s sensitive skin and it has really good coverage.” She was very impressed with the diaper’s softness and how well-made it was. She stresses that the comfort is very important, especially since both her daughters have sensitive skin. 

“Ridiculously soft” on her baby Ella’s skin is how Jerilyn described the diapers. She added, “Despite the diaper being able to hold a lot, it continued to feel lightweight!”s

4. Natural Moony diapers are fully absorbent for up to 12 hours. 

Fully absorbent for up to twelve hours, bubs are kept dry throughout the day and night. The stretchy and flexible gathers prevent leaks up their buttocks and around the legs. Another benefit of Moony’s design is that it does not touch the navel at all, thus you needn’t worry about leakage there. 

With newborns typically going through eight to ten diapers a day with high output of stools and urine, these diapers are a dream come true! Especially for little ones less than four months old, Moony’s diapers can reduce the amount of soft stool left on their buttocks with a uniquely designed stools sheet. Less stools left equals less diaper rash!

According to our mums, these diapers lasted their little ones from three to five hours to six to eight hours. Unlike many diapers she’s tried, Jenny says, “this diaper doesn’t leak, even when my newborn daughter sleeps through the night.”

5. Natural Moony diapers are thoughtfully designed.

Well thought out and researched, Natural Moony’s diapers – tape diapers and Moonyman pull up pants – are designed to suit your baby’s growing needs. For example, the newborn’s tape diapers have a curved waistband to avoid contact with your baby’s umbilical cord. Thus, this reduces any irritation your baby might experience. The tape is also flexible and soft on your baby’s skin, and its bump-less design won’t accidentally trap little fingers. Another example is changing diapers for wriggly infants. Easily slide the double stretch waisted Moonyman pants up around your baby’s legs, perfect for changing your baby on the go. 

Accounting for your little one’s diets and movements, such as milk and purees, all Natural Moony’s diapers up to 10kg have a loose stool sheet. In particular, Moonyman pants have a loose stool pocket with 3D design, featuring horizontal and vertical tabs that help reduce loose bowel movement leakage from the back of the diaper. 

Finally, older children up to 18 months can wear the high-waisted diapers, with full coverage around the buttocks. Regardless of how your little ones move, there should not be any side leakage with the Secure Long Side Guard. 

6. Organic cotton top sheets are sustainably sourced from Japan.

The Moonyman features an organic cotton top sheet and as with all Natural Moony diapers, they are responsibly sourced and grown without chemical agents. Unicharm has also been certified as a member of the Japan Organic Cotton Association.

7. Babies can sleep through the night (*fingers crossed*) without changing diapers.

Say no more to middle of the night diaper changes with Moonyman’s up to 12 hours of liquid retention! “This diaper doesn’t leak, even when my newborn daughter sleeps through the night”, Jenny says. In Jerilyn’s experience, Ella was given a fresh diaper before bedtime and she only had to be changed in the morning. 

8. Convenient wetness indicator line and easy-to-use roll up tape.

Once the indicator line turns bluish-green, it’s time to change your baby! Once you’re done tearing off the diaper at the super stretchy side seams, simply use the roll up tape compactly and dispose – easy peasy!

Marie exclaimed, “With a nine month old baby, pants diapers are 100% the way to go! Easy to put on even when he’s being a worm.” Jerilyn also thought the whole changing experience was very easy with Moonyman, something that she attributed to the rounded fit of the diapers.

9. Wide range of sizes for babies up to 22 months.

As a gauge, newborns can begin wearing the Natural Moony Diapers with Tape up to two months old or until they weigh 5kg. Other sizes include Small for those weighing 4 – 8kg or who are two to five months old, Medium for those up to a year old, and Large for those 10 – 18 months old.

The Moonyman Natural Diaper Pants are suitable for babies weighing 9 – 14kg (large size), typically 10 – 18 months old and 12 – 22kg (extra large) for those 12 -17 months old.  Both Jenny and Marie agree that the diapers fit their little ones very well and snug, without any leaks, even when used overnight.

10. Feels like underwear with its super slim fit.
Moony diapers are designed to fit babies’ bodies perfectly with its 3-D shaping.

Designed to provide a snug-fit to babies’ bodies like underwear, these diapers feature 3-D shaping that moulds better to their body ensuring comfort and dryness when they are constantly on the move or sleeping.

Jerilyn loved the Air Fit, especially around her baby’s thighs. She says, “the diapers hugged her [baby’s] rolls perfectly, ensuring a perfect fit without compromising on comfort.” She also loved that they fit well and didn’t leave any marks. In fact, Jenny’s older daughter was so comfortable with the Natural Moonypants that she danced around in her diapers!

Find out more about Moony on their Facebook page and follow our mums on social media.

Jenny Tay | @jennytay0909
Jerilyn Moon | @jerilynmoon
Marie Soh | @mariemjsoh

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