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Tanglin CC’s Women’s Executive Committee (WEC) – Empowering And Engaging Women And Their Families

Tanglin CC WEC Activities
The Women's Executive Committee (WEC) empowers women and their families through activities and programmes.
By Emma Lin
October 18, 2022

Comprising of a diverse group of women community leaders and volunteers, the Tanglin Community Club (Tanglin CC) Women’s Executive Committee (WEC) plays an important role in empowering and engaging women and their families to positively impact the community.

Programmes & Activities

WEC organises activities and programmes to promote community bonding and inclusiveness, nurture leadership qualities and help the less fortunate. 

Interest groups organised by WEC also offer opportunities for participants with common interests to connect, acquire new skills, build new friendships and contribute to community projects. Their wide-ranging interest groups include culinary, balloon sculpting, dance as well as health and fitness, ukulele and also Brickart.

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

Through their Joy of Giving project over the years, WEC, together with sponsors and volunteers, have helped less privileged  families by distributing food and essentials, caring for the lonely and housebound as well as rendering help to those in need. The next Joy of Giving event will take place on 5 November 2022 at Owen Road. 

One of the key events this year include serving their communities at Racial Harmony Day with a wide outreach showcasing cultural diversity through performances and a heritage feast. 

WEC has also contributed to organising National Day festivities commemorating Singapore’s 57th birthday and strengthening communities ties.

During School Holidays, members also sponsor less privileged kids with their parents to organise educational trips.

Grandparents are the backbones and pillars of support in the family. In celebration of Grandparents’ Day, WEC, Tanglin CC and other organisations present the Connecting the Gens event. This is held on 26 November 2022 from 10am to 12pm. Families can come together to learn more about keeping the family conversation and bonds strong via an informative talk. There’s also a fun potting activity for the whole family to unwind and enjoy! 

Simply scan the QR Code below to register.

WEC will also be partnering Health Promotion Board to organise Family Fun Time in November 2022 at Tanglin CC. Fun-filled activities for families include bonding through hands-on sessions to get a healthy head start. Additionally, there are also tips on dishing up creative meals for families to promote eating well.