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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

Mother’s Day: Wellness Habits for Self Care

Just like our mums spent a wellness retreat away, you too can incorporate some wellness practices into your lives this Mother's Day.
This Mother's Day, prioritise self care with these five pillars of wellness, so you can be a better parent to your children. Image credit: ELEVATE
By Kimberly
May 12, 2024

A few weekends ago, our mums took a well deserved weekend away from their families to rest, recharge and return to their families rejuvenated. This Mother’s Day, we’d like to invite you to start incorporating some of the wellness practices into your lives – after all, “taking care of myself doesn’t mean “me first” – it means “me, too”, as LR Knost put it.

The wellness retreat was designed around five pillars of wellness, namely, Social, Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional. Here are some ways to incorporate them into your lives, even for just a few minutes a day. 


This Mother's Day - and beyond - surround yourself with great friends to fill up your social cup.

Beginning with the social aspect, our mums had the opportunity to catch up or befriend other mum friends during the retreat. Similarly, this Mother’s Day, try to meet with friends – mums or otherwise to fill up your social cup. When I recently had such an opportunity, I discovered, to my delight, that my son could play well with my friend’s two kids who were around his age. Hence, the four of us were actually able to catch up on each other’s lives. Some benefits of having an optimal level of social wellness include building healthy relationships with others, so you can develop assertive skills, increase your self esteem, and put in place healthy boundaries. Additionally, you can also build emotional resilience for yourself. 

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

5-Minute Habit: Call a friend, your mum or mum-in-law to catch up on your lives.


Have a plan in place to manage boundaries, personal crisis and also to nurture your growth mindset with these 2024 Gratitude Journals from Hey Revel, designed by GML Gallery. Image credit:Revelgrams

Some signs of emotional wellness include being able to talk with someone about your emotional concerns, and sharing your feelings with others. Secondly, you should be able to say no when needed without feeling guilty, and be able to relax. Additionally, you should feel good about who you are, and have a strong support network. Try cultivating a habit of regularly writing in your gratitude journal. which helps reduce stress, boost your happiness, enhance self-awareness and cultivate optimism. One such option is Hey Revel’s 2024 Gratitude Planner (now $15.90, UP $53).

Not only can you plan for the year’s activities, and to-do lists in the Gratitude Planner, designed by GML Gallery, but you can also set your daily intentions and goals. Along with that, you can also cultivate a daily gratitude practice with guided reflections. Additionally, the planner also lets you put plans to manage personal crisis, maintain healthy boundaries and a growth mindeset. Founder Ann Thomas says, “Well received since our initial launch in 2022, our planners have been retailed by the likes of Raffles Hotel Boutique, Merci Marcel and more.”

5-Minute Habit: Write down three things you’re grateful daily.


For their spiritual wellbeing, our mums tried tie dying, but really, any type of art-making can help holistic healing and wellness. While engaged in the creative process during art therapy, you unlock self-expression, promote emotional healing, and cultivate mindfulness. All these help to integrate the mind, body and spirit. At the same time, it also helps reduce stress and promote relaxation. Not enough time in a day? Start building the habit from just 10 minutes a day, engaging in a variety of mediums. Whatever you’re in the mood for that day will work.

Try these DIY kits to get started: Make Your Own, Etsy, PaperMarket, JNR Entertainment

Art Classes to Consider: Seek Sophie, Our Art Studio or The Painting Lab


Elevate your sleeping accessories with mulberry silk pyjamas from SOVA Silk. Image credit: missysharont

While the first few months with your newborn can be tough, parents – mums in particular – can often feel like sleep is truly a luxury. Over a sustained period of poor sleep, you might experience fatigue, sleepiness, poor concentration, memory lapses and irritability. Build mental wellness by making sleep a priority.

In order to get quality sleep, try practicing good sleep hygiene, beginning with a relaxing bedtime routine. Some examples include taking a warm bath or shower with shower steamers, and turning off electronics at least 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. Next, try to keep a consistent sleep schedule, with a bedtime that’s early enough for you to get around 7 to 8h of sleep. Other healthy sleep habits include limiting exposure to bright light in the evenings, and avoiding caffeine or alcohol before bedtime. During the day, try to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Additionally, you may want to reduce your fluid intake before bedtime.

Shower Steamers: Lynk Fragrances, Savan Baths and Spectrum 


Consider also having a mumcation, whether on your own or with friends to catch up on your sleep. While mum guilt may creep in, it’s vital to take some time for yourself mentally and physically. This helps you return back to your family recharged so you can better support them. 

Some ideas include booking a hotel room all to yourself, or going away with your friends. Sometimes, we have our son stay with his grandparents (on either side) so we have some time to ourselves. In a pinch, try to sleep in on weekends while your spouse takes the kids out in the morning.

Sleep Accessories

Additional accessories to make your sleep a little more luxurious and comfortable include a hyaluronic acid-infused mulberry silk pillow ($199), eye masks ($49), and pyjamas ($169). These grade 6A mulberry silk sleep accessories from SOVA Silk are naturally hypoallergenic, thermoregulating and gentle on the skin.


An example of physical activity might be yoga, where your little one can help you get a deeper stretch.

Another aspect of wellness is physical. Getting regular physical activity can help improve brain health, manage your weight, reduce the risk of disease, and strengthen your bones and muscles. While the mums on the retreat did a yoga session, there are a myriad activities you could do – even taking a walk can be beneficial. In fact, if the kids are being grizzly indoors or your baby is refusing to sleep, bringing them out for a walk in a carrier or stroller can help everyone regulate themselves. 

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin investigated the effect of walking while pushing a baby stroller. In this study, they found that walking burned more calories while pushing a stroller, about 370 to 450 calories per hour, based on pushing a 35-pound or almost 16kg weight. 

Other suggestions might include a mums and baby class, where you exercise with baby in a carrier, YouTube workouts or physical yoga, Pilates or strength training classes. Interestingly, when I used to exercise regularly, my son would mimic me and practice his squats too.

5-Minute Habit: Build up the habit of working out with these short workouts from YouTube. 

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