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Renovating in Singapore: 5 Things You Should Know

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By Mummyfique Contributor
January 19, 2018

Renovating a home can be a pretty daunting affair especially if you’ve never done it before.

There are so many things to consider, to buy and to settle on. And if you’re not careful, hidden costs can quickly spiral out of control – and that’s if you have an honest Interior Designer. God forbid you sign on with a crooked one.

So what is a decent price and a reasonable timeline? We look to Qanvast for some answers and they came back with these five things to look out for when you’re deciding on renovating your home.


Posts – Got a story?
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How Much Does The Average Renovation Cost?

If you want quality renovation that covers the spectrum of plumbing, flooring and carpentry, expect to be forking out at least $50,000.

Essential works like electrical wiring can easily add up to over $1000. Expect to pay upwards of five figures for flooring and painting combined – and that’s not taking into account any hidden costs or setbacks along the way.


Interior Designer: Space Atelier

Would The Cost Differ Depending On A BTO vs Resale?

Buying a resale flat is not just about bigger rooms, but having bigger budgets as well! Be prepared to fork out almost twice as much, compared to new BTOs or developments.

New homes are usually cheaper to renovate, as they come with brand new fittings, like flooring, kitchen and bath accessories. On the other hand, resales often require restoration work, including re-wiring, demolishing old structures and building new built-ins. All of which add up to your cost.

Interior Designer: Make Room

How Long Does The Typical Renovation Take?

The reality is that renovations take some time – in fact, most projects take about six to eight weeks. Even the fastest projects take about four weeks.

Good things come to those who wait – do not rush things at the expense of workmanship! Delays are common, so it is important to have a timeline to keep track of your progress.

Interior Designer: Forefront Interior

What’s A Favourite Theme?

Singaporeans Love All Things Clean, Woodsy and Sleek – If words like ‘clean’, ‘white’, ‘wood’ or ‘hotel’ come to mind when describing your dream home, you’re in luck – many local homes are all about these themes – Minimalist, Scandinavian and Modern.

Perhaps it’s a combination of personal preference and external factors that make them popular. A minimalist home remains a top choice as its bright, airy aesthetic plays up Singapore’s shrinking house sizes. Likewise, cosy and versatile Scandinavian or modern styles may be highly sought after for their timeless, mass appeal.

Interior Designer: 82

Are Some Styles More Expensive Than Others

Not all styles are made equal. In particular, eclectic ($64,000) and minimalist ($55,000) homes are costlier. More detailed (albeit pricey) materials are used for eclectic spaces, while extensive built-in carpentry and spatial planning is needed to pull off a minimalist look.

If cost is a concern, go for something affordable, like the Scandinavian ($46,000) look. Nordic interiors usually feature less built-in carpentry and simpler aesthetics that make it easier (and cheaper) to execute.

Interior Designer: Meter Square
 Disclaimer: All data shown are obtained from Qanvast projects and users, as of 31st December 2016.

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A version of this article was first published on Qanvast, a local interior design platform for homeowners passionate about their home design.