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Interior: 8 Great Shared Bedroom Styles

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Credit: Pottery Barn Kids
By Damelza Harris-Olsen
November 6, 2017

Growing up, my bedroom was mostly a mish-mash of furniture strewn about with no particular thought to aesthetics. It was a practical room, no doubt but it was a far cry from the beautifully appealing rooms I have here. Some of these spaces were put together by professional decorators and some by creative mums. The use of colours, materials, visuals and textures make for a space a child can get cosy or creative in.

Stunning inspirations for you looking to design a special shared space for your little ones.

I love this room. Its not too cutesy so its perfect for a younger and an older girl who have to co-share.

This is a cute option for a young boy-girl duo in a smaller space.

Aww… unicorns! A dreamy little option for younger girls especially since unicorns are all the rage right now.

I love this vintage aeroplane themed room for boys. The contrasting blues and oranges make for a striking visual. Perfect for boys obsessed with aeroplanes or little travel bugs.

This room reminds me of lemonade and lollipops. Adding an oversized photo can add a touch of ownership in the kids. “You see this picture of me? Yeah, its MY room!”

I have a soft spot for neutrals. Loving the white, grey and wood. It COULD take the kids right up to their tweens. The double-decker bed also offers a great space-saving option.

A rustic white room is always a classy option. With varying textures and decor, this room would suit both boys and girls.

This is such an Ikea styled bedroom. LOVE IT!

Having two boys of my own, I know how quickly kids change their minds. So my tip to mums is to keep room fittings largely themeless and incorporate ‘themed’ features with posters, cushion covers, bedsheets and toys. That way, you don’t have to overhaul the room everytime your child moves on to the next favourite thing.

Happy decorating!