Dress The Bump: An Interview with Jessica Tan

I loved rubbing and talking to my belly

Former Miss Universe Singapore 2007, model and actress Jessica Tan shares her pregnancy journey with us all the way from Hong Kong. The leggy lady has appeared in Ba Wang shampoo commercials, the Masterpass Singapore campaign, Asana Collagen Drink campaign, Reebok ads, Fernville condominium ads and more but recently, her schedule has been packed with all things baby in anticipation of their little bundle Keia.

How did you find out you were pregnant and what was your first reaction?

We first discovered this little development in my womb on Friday,  11 August 2017. I remember testing myself at home because my period was a little late.

To my surprise, the test came out positive! I didn’t really think it would be positive as I wasn’t experiencing any obvious symptoms other than my usual PMS ones like swollen boobs, water retention and a thicker belly from the thickening of the uterus wall before every period.

Posts – Got a story?

I was five weeks pregnant.  

...and baby daddy’s reaction?

I immediately sent a text to my hubby who was extremely busy at work at the time, but I got an immediate response from him! Usually, he doesn’t reply my texts till much later during a break. Guess he was so happy and excited about the unexpected news that he just had to reply.

That very day marks the biggest change in our lives – we were going to be parents!

What went into your big announcement?

We decided to announce our pregnancy during my 12th week and we did it via social media – Instagram  and Facebook with a photo of our ultrasound. 

Did you have a gender reveal?

Well sort of, during our baby shower, which I personally planned, I decorated and baked everything on my own, in January, we revealed her gender and name to the world.

What’s the first thing you bought for baby and why?

Ollie the Owl night light and white noise machine because we thought as new parents we needed as much sleeping aids for the baby as possible to aid our own sleep!

Your favourite baby store?

Mothercare – it’s a one-stop shop with everything online and in store with reasonable prices. 

Tell me about your favourite trimester.

The third trimester was my favourite! That’s when I really got to feel the kicks and see the movements in my belly. I loved rubbing and talking to my belly to see what reactions I got in return, it was really fun. That’s the trimester when I felt I was really pregnant. 

What’s the one thing you will NOT miss about pregnancy?

The darkening of my freckles on my face. Also, pelvis/lower back pains from the weight of the pregnant belly which made something so mundane like putting on underwear a huge feat!

What is your typical maternity outfit?

A nice fitted top, mummy jeans and long jacket as the bulk of my pregnancy was during winter. Basically anything bodycon to show off my bump that I’m so proud of.

A belly oil/balm you swear by?

Little Butterfly Cocoon of Bliss stretch mark butter. It was a gift from a friend as she used it during her pregnancy anf didn’t get a single stretch mark. It did the same magic for my belly too. 

Inspiring pregnant celebrity/influencer and why?

Jessica Alba. She’s a mother of three, a successful businesswoman, talented actress, and an inspiration to many women through her genuine and loving heart. 

Your pregnancy journey in three words.

Best experience ever.

What’s the one thing you wish someone told you about pregnancy?

Pregnancy would change your perspective in life and the emotional attachment that slowly creeps into your heart without you knowing it. Instead of thinking about “what I want”, you naturally think “what does the baby need” and you would sacrifice anything for the well-being of your unborn child. I never knew I could get so worried and cry when I was once served a meal that wasn’t cooked properly during my pregnancy because of how it could affect the baby. 

If you could do two things differently during your pregnancy, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything as I really enjoyed my pregnancy and already miss it. 

Your two cents to expecting mamas?

Enjoy the whole pregnancy journey as it’s the most amazing thing that only a woman can experience. Also, don’t forget to pamper yourself before the baby joins the family, you are working very hard to grow this life inside of you and you need to reward yourself for that. 

Congratulations on the birth of baby Keia! We wish you all the best on your beautiful motherhood journey. Follow Jessica on Instagram at @jessicatan22 for daily updates!

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