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A momma’s pride and joy, twins Mila and Emma Stauffer have a special place on their mother’s Instagram account – which thankfully caused a bleep on our radar. These two cheekies are our trendy tots of the week!

Momma Katie took to Instagram long before the twins were born but as any proud mother, she wanted to share motherhood with posts of her little angels. She garnered a large following who just couldn’t resist the sweet charm the twins so effortlessly radiate.

These fashion loving fashionistas show a lot of their goofy childhood antics as well which makes this account just too adorable to not follow. Check them out. @kcstauffer.

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Mila is still waiting for her invite to New York Fashion Week...????

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Because I’m still recovering and who doesn’t need a good laugh? #tbt

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A whole new take on refrigerator art!! @samsungusa #ad #samsunghub

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Mila the Emoji ???? #flashbackfriday

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Mila and Marilyn ????????

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Room with a view...???????? @ritzcarlton

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“Can you tell our mom grew up in the 80’s” ~Emma and Mila

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They wanted to workout with me...this is their idea of working out !! #ilikeit

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