Trendy Tot: The Biggs Sisters

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By Oriella Onni
January 30, 2018

It all started in 2013 when a photo six-month-old Taylen went viral and received over 100,000 likes in a single day.

Her mum’s only intention was to post a photo of her baby girl and boom! Insta Famous.

This Insta-famous toddler known for her kissy face was approached by the Kardashians in 2014 to be the first influencer for their brand, Kardashian Kids.

Taylen also represents brands like Cybex with Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson and Arthur George Socks, and has also walked the runway for Little Miss Aoki during fashion week.

Posts – Got a story?

She has a younger sister, Aleia Grace, two, who has also been making regular appearances on her Insta feed and the sisters are taking the IG community by storm, with over 143,000 followers. According to mum, they both have big things coming their way and we are riveted!

Here’s a quick snippet of her feed.

???? or ☀️I'll Always be Here, Pinky Promise! #sisters #happyfriday

A post shared by THE BIGGS SISTERS (@taylensmom) on

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