Mummyfique’s Month of Giveaways

In the spirit of festive season, Mummyfique is having a month of giveaways this December.

We’ll be giving away a fabulous prize every day, so check back regularly for the latest giveaway and enter for your chance to walk with home with them.

Remember to scroll down to today’s date for the fantastic giveaway of the day!

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*Giveaways are only open to residents of Singapore.


December 1: Trunki Unicorn

Suitcases for kids to bring along on your next trip 5

Trunki was created to beat the boredom by travelling tots. Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite holiday must-have’s, then ride off whilst parents keep them in tow. Trunki retails at $89.90.

Click here to find out why we think that the Trunki is a great suitcase for kids to bring along for the next family vacation or visit smartmumasia for more information

December 2: LEGO® DUPLO® Around the World set

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 1

LEGO® DUPLO® Around the World set puts a world of animals at your fingertips! Little explorers can travel from place to place by boat or plane to learn about different animals and their natural habitats. The set includes 17 animals from all around the world, including a whale with opening mouth function! The set retails at $199 in LEGO Certified Stores (LCS), LEGO Mono Brand Stores, and selected departmental and toy stores.

December 3: Maxi 4-in-1 Accessory Set

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 3


The Maxi Micro 4 in 1 backpack accessory set is a handy backpack with a T-Bar that can be added to a scooter, allowing kids to have a mobile luggage that can bring about with ease.

*Do note that the scooter does not come with the accessory set that we are giving away.

Click here to find out why you would want to bring along the Maxi Micro 4 in 1 back accessory together with a scooter for your next family vacation or visit for more information

December 4: SIX Air Scent Solution Set for Reed Diffusers

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 4

Your home will smell like a dream with local artisanal fragrance label with the SIX AIR Scent Solution Set for Reed Diffusers that features scents inspired by cities around the world. We’re giving away a bundle worth $180 that consists of three unique scent solutions for your home.

Visit SIX for more information on the range of fragrances available.

December 5: Ksisters Moly Dress Yellow

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 5

Dress your minis in fashionable yet comfortable threads from Ksisters, such as the Moly Dress in Yellow that we are giving away today. This sheer cute dress, which should be worn over t-shirt and shorts, adds a princess touch to any outfit and little ones will love twirling in it all day long. Ksisters carries a wide range of stylish clothing for little girls from Korean indie labels.

Visit Ksisters to see and shop for the clothing they carry.

December 6: Fiddle and Doodle Dabber Dots Starter Special

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 6

Little ones will enjoy adding lots of colour to their life with Dabber Dots. Ergonomically designed so little hands can easily to hold, paint and draw with them, these markers help to build a child’s hand-eye coordination while encouraging their creativity. We’re giving away a starter set worth $52.80 in our giveaway today.

Visit Fiddle and Doodle for more information.


December 7: NEX Sesame Street Goodie Bag

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 2


It’s a full out Sesame Street bonanza at NEX with live shows with meet and greet sessions till 11 Dec and tote bags to be redeemed. And to celebrate we’re giving away five exclusive Sesame Street goodie bags. Each contains a Sesame Street goodie bag, Sesame Street face masks, a S$20 Isetan voucher, a S$20 Shokutsu 10 voucher and a NEX water bottle.

Visit for more information on the Sesame Street celebrations at NEX.


December 8: Samantha Wills Midnight Prism Lariat Necklace

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 7


A mix of bohemian luxe and modern minimalism, the Samantha Wills Midnight Prism Lariat Necklace, sold at Luxe Boutique, has a single hand cut rose quartz crystal as its centerpiece. This flattering piece worth A$129 we’re giving away has an adjustable length allows you to wear it either high up near the collar or lower around mid chest.

Visit for more information.


December 9: Leapfrog Bundle Set

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 8

Melody the Musical Turtle from Leapfrog teaches numbers and colours, and trains their memory while the Learning Lights Remote encourages learning through songs, tunes and audio responses. We’re giving away this special bundle that has been specially prepared for Takashimaya’s Christmas Fantasy Fair.

Visit for more information on their Christmas Fantasy Specials and click here to see why we’ve included this bundle in our 50 Christmas Gift Ideas list.


December 10: Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym


Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 9

Your little one will be fully occupied by this deluxe baby activity gym that has five celestial-themed hanging toys that engage baby’s with lights, music and other stimuli. The selling factor is its cushy, comfortable mat that little ones can lie down for hours on.

Click here or visit smartmumasia for more information.


December 11: Oak Village Handcrafted Wooden Toy Horse

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 3


This beautiful toy horse is handcrafted from natural wood without finishing, making it safe for toddlers and a toy that they will treasure for life. Retailed locally at atomi, it can also be displayed as ornaments for a touch of nature in homes.

Click here for more information


December 12: Forget Me Not Salad Plate & Mug

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 10


Designed by Molly Hatch, in collaboration with Laurelbox, this lovely kitchenware set, retailed locally by Lovera Collections, is a modern and artistic twist on classic china, and retails at $91.80.

Click here for more information


December 13: Anjali Chocolat Hamper

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 11

Celebrate the festive season with handmade chocolates that have been specially created just for Christmas by Anjali Chocolat. This hamper contains a driving Santa and five chocolate lollipops decorated with candy canes, christmas trees and snowmen.

Click here for more information

December 14: Prima Deli Santa’s Cottage Cake


Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 12

Father Christmas’s quaint cottage is reimagined on this beautiful cake that is topped with decadent chocolate truffle. Chocolate curls form a little fence, piped cream is used to depict the texture of a log house and white chocolate forms the windows and door are just some of the details on this delicate creation. The cake is approximately 850g and retails at $52.90.

Click here for more information on the Prima Deli Santa’s Cottage Cake.

December 15: Mookie Red & Blue Spiro Bouncer

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 13

Light, compact and easy to assemble, the Spiro Bouncer bounces up and down, and spins 360 degrees. Designed to support a maximum weight of 25 kg at either end and equipped with soft ball cushions to minimise impact and maximise bounce, it helps children to develop strength co-ordination and balance skills.

Click here for more information on the Mookie Spiro Bouncer


December 16: Regent Singapore Santa’s Raspberry and Bronte Pistachio Log Cake

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 14


The Regent Singapore log cake does not look like a typical log cake; it looks closer to a huge candy cane, thanks to it red and white stripes made of almond and raspberry paste. The 1kg cake retails for $79 and consists of  a mix of flavours – almond raspberry, chocolate and brontepistachio – all rolled into one.

Click here for more information on the Regent Singapore Santa’s Raspberry and Bronte Pistachio Log Cake.


December 17: J’s Salon Shampoo, Blow & Scalp Treatment

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 15


Leave behind the pressures of bustling urban life with J’s Salon therapeutic scalp treatment and surrender to the sheer pleasure of your personalised blissful renewal. Finish with a shampoo and blow for a professionally styled look that will have you feeling beautiful. J’s Salon’s Shampoo, Blow & Scalp Treatment worth $148 is up for grabs today.

Click here to see the mother and daughter hair styles J’s Salon shared for the festive season and here for more information on J’s Salon.


December 18: IKEA LATTJO Bundle


Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 16

Learn as you play with the Ikea LATTJO bundle. The Robot costume encourages role play, helping children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles, while the puzzle promotes logical thinking and fine motor skills.

Click here and here for more information on the IKEA LATTJO toys and part of IKEA’s LET’s PLAY for Change Campaign that aims to raise awareness and engagement for children’s right to play and develop.

December 19: C’est Moi Misty-Rious Christmas Pack

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 17

C’est Moi is a professional skincare and performance make up brand for kids and this Christmas it has introduced a special Misty-Rious Christmas pack, which consists of a Gel Mask, Facial Mist and Facial Sheets that purify, soothe and enrich the skin, and are made mostly of natural products. This special, which is worth S$99.70, retails online at S$59.90.

Click here for more information about C’est Moi’s line of products that are made with kids in mind.

December 20: Krooom Ice Cream Party

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 18


Pretend play is much more fun with the realistic Krooom Ice Cream Cart where little ones can create and sell ice cream cones to one another. And like all Krooom toys, it is made of green materials, making it great for both children and the environment.

Click here or visit smartmumasia for more information.

December 21: Tekno Newborn Bundle

Mummyfique's Month of Giveaways 19


Tekno Newborns are sweet and adorable life-like robotic pets that know when you’re talking to them! You can programme your pet to walk, sit, beg, sing, and even jump into your hand! With their light up eyes, sounds, and movements, Tekno Newborns are sure capture your child’s heart. This bundle includes a Mini Jumping Kitten and Mini Jumping Puppy, and retails at $78.80.

December 22: Skip Hop FIT All Access Diaper Bag


Perfect for the active parent, this ready-for-anything tote is a diaper bag and food storage tote in one. The zippered front panel opens wide so you can easily access everything inside, while the translucent front pocket lets you view your phone to see calls and texts as they come in. The bag comes complete with Skip Hop’s 8-piece Grab & Go Formula-to-Food Container Set with Perfect-Fit Freezer Pack.

Click here or visit smartmumasia for more information.

December 23: Yingthai $100 Dining Voucher

Yhingthai Palace is an authentic Thai and Thai Chinese restaurant that has served its customers for more than 20 years. Great emphasis has been placed on food quality and all dishes are freshly prepared Signature items include Fresh Mango Salad, Clear Tom Yam Seafood Soup, Stuffed Chicken Wings and Thai Green Curry.

Click here for more information.

December 24: Herschel Settlement Kids Backpack

Your kid will be the most stylish one in class with the Herschel Settlement Kids Backpack. Sized down specifically for children 6 and under, it features exposed plastic zippers, a woven interior name label, pebbled leather and durable custom detailing.

Click here for more information.

December 25: Diamond Palace Teardrop Pendant

Dazzle those around you with this elegant teardrop pearl pendant from Diamond Palace. Made of 18k yellow gold and a 8mm pearl, with diamond embellishments, it’s the perfect piece for every occasion.

Click here for more information.

December 26: The Knightsbridge Clinic $200 Voucher


The Knightsbridge Clinic is a premium medical aesthetics clinic offering non-invasive clinic-based aesthetic procedures with minimal downtime eliciting natural looking results. The highly qualified team provides a gentle and affable personal touch to ensure that the experience here is relaxing, pampering and satisfying.

Click here for more information.

December 27:  Blue House Drop In Sessions


Blue House Infant & Toddler Ateliers offer a series of parent-accompanied classes for children 6-36 months providing children with an interactive, sensory driven experience, encouraging children to exercise their senses, building vital connections and theories about the world around them. Bond with your child over one of the two drop-in sessions that we are giving away today.

Click here for more information.

December 28: One Night Stay in Kam Leng Hotel


We’re giving away a night’s stay at the 4-storey Kam Leng Hotel situated along the busy and colourful Jalan Besar road. This heritage hotel was previously favoured by tourists all over the world and the same experience has been recreated in each of the 70 rooms is designed in Peranakan style with comfort in an affordable rate.

Click here for more information.

December 29: VLV Dim Sum Buffet Brunch for Two

Complete your weekend afternoons with VLV’s splendour of authentic Cantonese dim-sum where each piece is delicately handmade by a team of culinary masters to deliver a gratifying quality dim-sum meal. Select from more than 80 types of dim-sum to go with VLV’s exclusive connoisseur tea selection. We’re giving away a pair of seats for you to enjoy this delicious weekend buffet brunch.

Click here for more information.

December 30: Skin Inc Premixed Soothing Serum


Sensitive skin needs special care. Skin Inc’s specially concocted serum combines four kinds of Ceramides that prevent the signs of premature aging and replenish the skin’s lipid layer – even relieving the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis.  It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, probably the world’s best moisturiser, which holds up to 6 litres of water per gram!

Click here for more information.


December 31: One Night Stay in Porcelain Hotel

Situated on one of Chinatown’s best known historical lanes, Porcelain Hotel sits beautifully on Mosque Street. Located on a convenient stretch in Chinatown, the street has always been adorned with traditional shop-houses and quaint curio shops. Often buzzing with exciting yet nostalgic activities, the street brings to all an eclectic experience of the old and the new. Enjoy living in the excitement of this street with a one-night stay at this boutique hotel.

Click here for more information.


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