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Look Fab Even When You Have More Dry Shampoo Than Hair

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By Damelza Harris-Olsen
November 21, 2017

So you’re in between washes and have more dry shampoo than hair on that pretty head of yours and leaving it down isn’t quite an option. Fret not my lovelies, there’s hope yet. We’ve got here some sexy, celeb-worthy styles to keep you looking fab and those greasy roots hidden from plain sight.


Its always easier to braid dirty hair then it is clean hair simply because there’s more texture and grip. It doesn’t have to look sleek and perfect to look good either. Try a side braid or two braids, crown braids even a plain ol’ one down the middle. Its also easier to grab the end and tuck it under somewhere for a quick bun. Tight braids and loose braids both work. Plus braids instantly add a youthful touch to your style.


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Fishtail braids always remind me of mermaids. Soft, romantic and always a pleaser. Pull your hair to the side, braid down to the ends and pull on the sections for a fuller fishtail.


Top Knot

A favourite of JLo. Gather your hair in a sleek bun or braid it and wrap up top or simple casually wrap it around itself for an effortless look. The top knot always looks sexy regardless of what you decide to throw on. Heels or flip-flops, the top knot does not discriminate.


Half Knot

Much like the top knot except you just grab some of your hair, leave the bottom half as it is or put in some curls. You could also spritz in some texturiser for some beachy waves.


Messy Bun

After a few days of dry shampoo, your hair has a lot of texture in it so this look takes a minute, grab some hair (sections are easier to work with) pin it back wherever you like and leave some locks out for that sultry, red carpet vibe.


Sleek Pony

Brush all the hair to your crown or flip your head and grab it all and secure it with an elastic. Grab a tiny bit of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Pin it under and you’re all set. You’ll find that with dirty hair, you’ll be able to grab your hair easier and you’ll have alot less of those pesky little baby hairs sticking out all over the place. Va-va-voom in a minute, like Chrissy and Beyonce, over here.

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