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Living: Stylish Storage For Your Child’s Space

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By Mummyfique
March 8, 2018

Cute, stylish finds.

Storage. Do we ever have enough? Unlikely. Do they always have to look boring and practical. Definitely not! We’ve rounded up these cute, stylish finds, bookmark them for your next redecorating spree.


Busung Chest Drawer, $99

First on our list is IKEA, everyone’s go to Scandinavian haven for affordable furniture. This sweet blush pink chest drawer is a pint-sized version of the ever classic drawer.

Posts – Got a story?
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Piccolo House

Clifton Toy Organiser, $304

Keep up with the ever popular Nordic trend with this piece. Its also a great height for the little ones to do their own clean up.

Deer Industries

Tippi Bookcase, $489

Now who says bookcases can’t be cool? The Tippi Bookcase from Deer Industries is the coolest for the growing little bookworm. 

Born In Colour

Macaron Cabinet, $279

Too cute for words, this playful, wide smiley face is a child-friendly, practical storage unit your child will love!

Cuckoo Little Lifestyle

numero 74 Teepee Natural, $285

Dreamy and makes for many imaginative adventures, the teepee is a clever choice for storage. Store your fort building materials (extra pillows and blankets or stuffed toys) in this stylish number when not in use.


Mikelle Trolley, $145

Reminiscent of a library book trolley, the Mikelle Trolley is great for moving every day favourites between rooms. Makes clean up a cinch too!

Flexa World

3-in-1 Storage Bench

Storage benches are a great way to hide the clutter and double up seating in the room. The clean lines of this bench would look good in any room.

Ni Night Singapore

Small Bookcase, $875

Has your fridge run out of real estate? Dress this little looker with junior’s favourite books, toys and prized artwork for a stylish display.

Oriella Onni, Mummyfique’s peppy editorial assistant is navigating her way through life one glorious destination at a time. She loves exploring, music, crafts and cooking.