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How to Throw a Great Christmas Party

By Mummyfique
December 22, 2016

Organising gatherings for the family during the festive season is a mammoth task, particularly when you have to cater for all ages, from the very young to the much older. Multi-hyphenate doctor and mom of three, Elaine Kim, who is also the founder of event planning company Milk and Honey Event Design, shares a festive table that she has set up for the perfect Christmas family gathering, complete with food and drinks, as well as tips to planning a great family feast.

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Mummyfique: How do you usually celebrate Christmas?

We normally go to church on Christmas and spend time with family. On Christmas Eve we will have a dinner at my parents’ place and on Christmas day, we’ll have a big Christmas lunch at my place, with the highlight for the kids being opening presents and seeing what Santa brought for them.



What do you think are the key ingredients for a good Christmas party?

The guest list is very important. You should have people that you really truly enjoy being in the the company of such as family members and close friends. Be thoughtful of who you are inviting when you put your list together. You also have to have food and drinks — lots of eggnog, champagne and enough alcohol to go around.

Please share some tips on how to put together a Christmas table.

Have a good venue, use fresh flowers and decorate the table with candles. You should also have a turkey and a ham or beef roast to make it look like a feast. These were the basis of the table that I put together, using Christmas lights, candles and lots of goodies.

Can you share some tips on throwing a Christmas party that both the kids and adults will enjoy?

For the adults to actually eat, the best way would be to play a Christmas movie nearby for the kids so it’s easy for parents to watch them, while enjoying their meal and the company of others around them.

While the alcohol is for the adults, the kids need to have something special for them at the party. Have food that caters to kids such as macaroni and cheese, or pudding and cupcakes.

The little ones also really enjoy it when we call them over to see the Christmas pudding being lit with brandy. We have also brought in a Santa Claus and the children really like going up to him, sitting on his lap and telling him their Christmas wishes. With all these things in place, the children will be sufficiently entertained and occupied, leaving to the adults to be able to take a breather and enjoy the Christmas party.

The best parties are the type with great conversations that go on late into the night, without anyone realising what time it is, as everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Photography: Shaun Ng and Md Faizal Bin Misdi
Roast turkey and pork: Ryan’s Grocery
Chilled sustainable shellfish platter, artisan farmhouse cheese platter, parma ham & rock melon and strawberry cheesecake: Grand Hyatt Singapore
Chateau de Beaucastel wines and Charles Heidsick champagne: Taste of Tradition

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