Fitspo Friday: Mum-Of-Four Who Finds Every Chance To Exercise

Even when you have one kid, it can be difficult to find time for yourself, let alone exercise, but as the saying goes, if there is a will, there is a way and Jennifer Gelman, a mum of four very active boys, has found a way to keep fit even while taking care of her kids.

Her solution is a simple one – work up a sweat even when performing simple household chores, and involve the kids at the same time. This means doing squats while loading the dishwasher or doing yoga while folding the laundry.

Jennifer has also been a fitness fan, even before she was a mum, and hence she had initially thought that it would be easy to stay with an exercise routine even after she gave birth. However, it was more difficult than she thought it would be due to the “constant demands and low energy levels when running on little sleep.”

She was determined though to still find a way and eventually she developed her own fitness programme BWMC – Baby, Where’s My Coffee, which combines fitness with parenting. As her children are involved in her routines, they don’t feel neglected or left out even as mummy exercises. In fact, her children find joy in coming up with ways to workout with their mum and incorporate exercise into even the most mundane workouts. This fit mum then takes to YouTube and Instagram to share her workout ideas with other mummies. Here are five of our favourite workout ideas from her:

Goodnight Kiss Workout
A great way to help your kids get ready for bed while stretching your muscles!

Folding Clothes Workout
We don’t know too many mums who enjoy folding the laundry, so why not make it a challenge for yourself at the same time.

Hair Drying Workout
Standing still while drying your hair is overrated. Move your muscles while getting your hair blown dry for a multi-tasking win.

Bath Time Workout
Do dips on the edge of the bath tub while keeping an eye on your little ones.

Grocery Packing Workout
Put away your purchases from the supermarket with your minis in a fun way.

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