Fitspo Friday: 8 Kid-Friendly Workout Routines on Instagram

Working out and keeping fit doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive when you are a mum. Take a cue from these Instagram mums who share workouts that you can do with your little ones. Proceed with caution though as some of the movements require quite a bit acrobatic movement.

Sia Cooper@diaryofafitmommyofficial

We all usually have our babies in a stroller when we bring them out so why not get some exercise in while we are at it.

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Kristy Ardo – @baby_fitgym

Doing thigh exercises while breastfeeding may not look pretty, but it’s better to be burning calories than just sitting on a chair if you are looking for some time to exercise.

Randi Greene – @randilynngreene

Doing the mountain climber while playing with your kid is a good way to burn calories without compromising on building a strong bond with your little one.

Kelly Kaprowski – @totsnsquats

You get a workout pushing the kids back and forth in a basket and your little ones have lots of fun while seated inside – sounds like a win-win situation to us.

Nardia – @fitdastruggle

Carrying an extra weight around means that you will get a better workout, so why no strap your kid on even when you are doing basic workouts.

Juca Csíkos – @active_mum_life

Use your baby as a weight as you work your abs. We love how Juca’s older kids are trying their best to join in with their own baby dolls.

Nastia Ebeling – @nastia_fit

Have your infant rest on you as you work out your core.

Core workout with my sweet partner???Great exercises for your abs/core if you have diastasis??Try to engage your core while doing these exercises and perform 12 reps x 3 rounds? _________________ Тренировочка на пресс/кор с малышом????Повторять все упражнения 12 раз на каждую ногу и 3 подхода и следить за тем, что вы держите мышцы живота в напряжении ? Из упражнений на пресс я делаю сейчас в основном только эти упражнения, они отлично подходят тем, у кого ещё мышцы живота не до конца сошлись после родов и есть диастаз, а пресс качать уж очень хочется?Если тренировка была вам полезной ставьте + в комментариях или что хотите, мне будет приятно и я буду больше для вас таких тренировок снимать?#fitmama_diastas#fitmama_core

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Charity LeBlanc – @charity.grace

For those who practice yoga regularly, here’s one idea to incorporate your kids into your usual routine, and it’s guaranteed that they’ll have fun.

Keen on getting fit and staying shape but looking for more ideas that are work for busy mums? Click here.

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