5 Tips On How To Make Your Home Office Insta Worthy

By Aisha Ashraf from Accentuate Home

Make your workspace beautiful

Home offices are tricky… I mean really tricky. Mainly because the home is supposed to be a relaxing place and trying to dedicate an area for business can be really challenging. Well actually, like most things, it depends on your lifestyle. If you have a room dedicated solely to your work space then congratulations, you’re sorted. All you have to worry about is decorating the room.

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Love the half and half paint on the left image but that’s another topic of discussion for another day.

On the other hand, your home office, like mine, could be a part of your living room, shared by kids! Think science practice papers stuffed into your bookshelves, scratch paper strewn all over your workspace. Trust me, that’s an encroachment on your physical and mental space! Forget insta – worthy, sometimes a space like that gets on your nerves and disables your ability to get any work done.

As a solution, here are five tips that will keep your home office organised, functional, chic, edgy and most definitely INSTA-WORTHY. ( I promise, these tips come straight from the heart… and experience!)