5 Steps To The Perfect Nursery

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By Oriella Onni
March 12, 2018

The baby is coming!

One of the many things that a radiant momma-to-be (and dada) has to think about is setting up baby’s nursery. With so much out there these days, it can get overwhelming pretty quick – what with the beautiful IG and Pinterest feeds these days. 

We’ve broken it down into five simple tips to get you going. And whatever design you do end up going with, the baby is gonna love YOU more than any room imaginable.

Pink, blues, neutrals, cars or flowers – settling on a colour scheme or theme for the nursery can make it so much easier when it comes to buying furniture and choosing the colours that will go with the theme. 

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Invest In Furniture That Grows With Your Child

Babies grow fast. Before you know it, it is time to get them a whole new set of furniture because they’ve outgrown their baby ones, especially a baby’s cot, so opt for something that can be converted into a kids’ bed once a cot is no longer needed.

This Childhome Cot Bed Ref 17, is great as the bed can be adjusted to four different heights and has panels that can be swapped out for lower ones.

Having ample storage is ideal because baby’s need alot of stuff – bottles, diapers, toiletries, clothes, swaddles, towels, and toys that you need to store away. When it comes to picking furniture, try to pick one that not only looks good but is also practical for storing baby’s things.

There’s a good chance you’ll be practically living in the baby’s nursery for the first few weeks (to months) at least – from diaper changes to naps to cuddles and playing as well as nightly feeds. Make it a priority to set up a cosy space for you because you’re important too!

Setting up a small play area may seem a little premature but man does time fly with a newborn. Before you know it, bubba will be needing tummy time and you’re gonna probably be too busy/tired/lazy to think of adding one when you actually start needing it because babies demand a lot of your time.

Doing it while setting up the nursery will save you the hassle later on. You can get a similar looking tipi tent or rocking scooter for toddlers from Childhome – definitely a cute way to spice up the space.

 Oriella Onni, Mummyfique’s peppy editorial assistant is navigating her way through life one glorious destination at a time. She loves exploring, music, crafts and cooking.