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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

Two Lips Experience Store at Strip and Browhaus’s ION Orchard Outlet

Discover the wide range of luxury intimate skincare products as well as your perfect scent from Spa Esprit's Plantation essential oils - and shop for your loved ones this festive period.
Visit the newly revamped Strip & Browhaus outlet at ION Orchard B3-28, and discover the range of luxury intimate skincare for your nether regions.
By Kimberly
January 8, 2024

Ever heard of skincare for your vulva? Mummyfique hosted an intimate first look with content creators to learn more about building a skincare regime for the nether region. At the newly reopened Strip and Browhaus’ store at ION Orchard, B3-28, guests were welcomed with a stamp card of activities for the afternoon, as they discovered the myriad products and services available in-store.

Starting with a tour around the Two Lips Experience Store, guests could then personalise their own Sun Eau De Parfum bottle, and discover their perfect scent from Plantation‘s range of essential oils. Afterwards, guests headed to Common Man Coffee Roasters On the GO at ION Orchard for some refreshments.

Two Lips Experience Store

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The Two Lips Experience Store in ION Orchard B3-28, alongside a display of Plantation shower cures and essential oils.

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

Next, invited guests toured the Two Lips Experience Store, learning the importance of a skincare regime for their vulva, and viewing the wide range of products.   

Emcee, boss of Anticipating Diva, the Acai Collective and Little Bears House and mum of two, Cordelia Daphne Low

Angelina Pradana, digital creator and mum of Andre

Cordelia said in her Instagram Stories, ”Never did I know that I could give my chi chi a gentle scrub!” Similarly, Angelina added, “I didn’t know there were so many products aimed at caring for our nether regions.”

(from left) General Manager SEA of VeChain Sarah Nabaa, realtor and entrepreneur Chloe Teo, Amanda Leong content creator and entrepreneur, and Gidania Wong, co-founder of Mummyfique.

Likewise, Chloe was also impressed by the products that targeted specific skin problems, such as Pout, the hyaluronic acid hydrating serum that plumps up the skin and restores its hydration.

Nellie Lim, style star and influencer, and founder of Puffie Kids and mum of twin girls, and Amanda

(from left) Fitness and beauty influencer Novita Lam, Amanda and digital creator Symone Oei

(from left) Amanda, Sarah, fashion and beauty influencer and entrepreneur Samantha Chan, Gidania and Winnie Chan, founder of Bynd Artisan

Vanessa Tan, founder of Great Wall Chicken Rice

Additionally, Vanessa said, “I appreciate the open conversations about intimate health with fellow beautiful women without any discomfort.” Vanessa, who also has sensitive skin, found them to be exceptionally gentle with no adverse reactions after trying the products. 

Fiona Bennett, mum and celebrity makeup artist

Dawn Sim, mum of four daughters, health coach and entrepreneur

Blackout Mask – The World’s First Vulva Mask

May Chua, who won the Top CGAT Manager for Citibank Retail Banking award, and mother of Kylie and Kygo

Another product that many found interesting is the Blackout mask, the world’s first vulva mask, for the vulva area and inner thighs. In her Instagram stories, May shared that it “helps soothe, brighten and moisturise, making it ideal post IPL treatments”. Vanessa Tang, better known as VannyTelly, personal trainer and lifestyle influencer, also shared her experience with the Blackout mask. She said, “It is super luxe…it’s like a spa for my ‘sister’”. A regular Strip customer and mother of three girls, Vanny recommends Scrubbs to reduce ingrown hair and skin darkening.

Indulgent Skincare Sets

Use the Prebiotic Starter Kit to support your skin’s unique microbiome with these essential building blocks.

Start your vulva skincare regime with the Prebiotic Starter Kit ($180), which includes Rinse, Scrubbs and Juice. First, Rinse uses plant-based prebiotics to balance the skin’s microbiome, smoothening, brightening and evening the skin tone. Next, the Konjac jelly exfoliator Scrubbs goes deeper, removing surface grime and dirt while delivering intense hydration. Finally, Juice, the light-as-air prebiotic body balm, gives your skin long-lasting hydration. 

Brighten the skin with this set, while protecting against environmental damage with antioxidants.

The Brightening Kit ($219.99) consists of the Diamond Vitamin C Brightening Serum and the Undercover Probiotic Brightening Cream. Containing gentle ascorbyl glucoside, the Diamond Brightening Serum also acts as a potent antioxidant. Meanwhile, the Undercover Brightening Cream uses peptides, ceramides and prebiotics to protect against everyday pollutants, prevent the formation of melanin and fade pigmentation. These products are available at all Strip outlets and Two Lips ION Experience Store. Get free delivery for online orders above $50. 

Sun Perfume Bottle Engraving
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The engraver etching out each recipient’s name on the Sun Eau De Parfum spray.

Maggie Dumra, founder of socially-conscious resort wear Bae Bee Boo, and Om Chandra Om, with Gidania

Especially for this event, each Sun Mood Enhancing Eau de Parfum bottle ($220) was engraved for the guests. Maggie said, “How wonderful. Personalised gorgeous bottle. Love love love! The scent is divine with bergamot, coconut, vanilla, rose and sandalwood. Smells like I’m ready to be a dessert!” Try spraying a little at the base of your neck, knee crease and elbows.

Engraved perfume bottles for Chloe Teo and Angelina Pradana

Another option is to layer this with the all natural solid perfume balm, Two Lips Moon ($120) on your pulse points. These combine aromatic notes of cardamom, jasmine and rose, with Guaiac wood, ginseng and Abyssinian oil. Otherwise, try the Sun & Moon set ($280).

Plantation – Essential Oils and Shower Cures 

The Plantation Shower Cures, great as gifts for your loved ones to relax this festive period.

Vanny Telly picking her favourite Plantation essential oils scent.

Infuse a little luxury into your bedtime routine, with these delightful Shower Cures from Plantation, under the Spa Esprit Group. These are infused with essential oils, which are of the highest quality and fully tested to be the purest in the market. Additionally, they are naturally scented, coloured and free from adulteration, and are sustainably and ethically harvested in small batches. At the event, our guests took a quick personality quiz to find their perfect scent across the nine different blends. 

Jaime Ashley, influencer and part-time model, pursuing her studies in communications

Jaime said, “I think it’s very natural, very calming. I took the quiz just now and it recommended this range of essential oils. When I smelled them, I was surprised to learn that they were the kind of scents I like.” 

(from left) Ang Jinyuan, founder of Style Lease and The Ivory Bridal, Eugenia Ye-Yeo, founder of Nodspark and mum of two, and Winnie

Meanwhile Eugenia felt that the branding was “on point as always, and we expect no less from Spa Esprit Group that brought us Strip – THE brand that introduced waxing to our generation and beyond.” Additionally, fitness and beauty influencer Novita Lam enthused, “I love the packaging, with a lot of self-care messages.”

Digital creator Symone Oei’s chosen scent was Serenity, with notes of lavender in it, to help calm the mind. She said, “It reminds me of being at the spa.” These essential oils, and Shower Cures, can also make great gifts this Christmas – shop online at the Beauty Emporium.

CMCR On The Go At ION Orchard

Katherine Sng, founder of Kombucha Works, and Pooja Kawatra, founder of

Afterwards, guests headed next door for refreshments. They sampled Common Man Coffee Roaster’s specialty-grade Arabica coffee with sustainably and ethically sourced coffee beans. Options available at CMCR On The Go include espresso-based coffees, teas, juices, sodas, sandwiches, salads and sweets.

About Spa Esprit Group

Homegrown and headquartered in Singapore since 1996, Spa Esprit Group is one of the world’s most unique beauty, F&B and lifestyle brands. Their diverse portfolio includes Strip, Browhaus, Common Man Coffee Roasters and also Tiong Bahru Bakery. Above all else, the group ethos champions the holy trinity of quality, value and innovation. Additionally, Spa Esprit Group also has more than 70 plus retail outlets with locations in nine cities around the world.

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