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Strip & Browhaus: ION Orchard Re-Open With Two Lips Experience Store

For all your grooming needs, mums can check out Strip and Browhaus' latest outlet at ION Orchard, and stand to win exciting prizes like flight tickets to Hong Kong or Bangkok.
Glow up with lash extensions and fuller brows - and other grooming services like unwanted hair removal - at Strip and Browhaus' newest store at ION Orchard.
By Kimberly
November 21, 2023

At Strip and Browhaus’ brand new space in ION Orchard #B3-28, mums can pamper yourselves and get some much-needed downtime. Their offerings include Strip, Browhaus and Two Lips to create a one-stop solution for all your beauty needs, so you leave feeling confident and renewed. Additionally, celebrate Strip’s 21st birthday together, and enjoy exciting promotions and giveaways, such as flight tickets to Hong Kong, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City.

ION Orchard’s New Space

Strip and Browhaus’ latest store at ION Orchard, featuring the new Two Lips Experience Store

In the new space, the concierge and waiting area have been extended to create a dedicated space for the Two Lips Experience Store. Other enhancements include a larger, more modern concept with private treatment bays.

Two Lips Experience Store
Two Lips’ product range is extremely gentle and safe, and can be used on your whole body.

Singapore’s first luxury intimate care brand offers effective and innovative skin solutions to suit your needs, concerns and desires. Two Lips believes in empowering individuals by lifting taboos and normalising conversation around the intimate health space. Founder Cynthia Chua has 20 years experience in intimate care with Strip, and has now created a groundbreaking skincare collection specially for vulvas.

Mummyfique Sample July 2021
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Similar to the skin on the body, the skin on the vulva also protects delicate skin tissues and pathogens. Especially during certain periods of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the skin in this area can be very sensitive to the body’s hormonal changes. 

Caring for your intimate area with gentle and safe ingredients is essential for a healthy and radiant skin. The Two Lips vulva care line is suitable for all skin types and contains active and botanical-rich ingredients packed with nutrients, prebiotics, antioxidants and peptides.

Try out the Two Lips range at the tester bar and approach the team to learn more about the products.

Like your face or body, a skincare regime may be beneficial for your vulva. Start with Rinse, a pH-balancing prebiotic cleanser to balance the skin’s good bacteria. Follow with Scrubbs, a gentle exfoliator for a deeper cleanse and Juice, a body balm that delivers long-lasting hydration. Besides the essential prebiotic range, the targeted skin solutions range focuses on brightening, hydrating, treating, moisturising and protecting the skin.

 Try out the full range of products at the tester bar before purchasing, and feel free to ask the retail staff specialising in Two Lips products any questions. 


Enjoy the comfort and privacy of STRIP’s treatment rooms while removing unwanted hair – it’s a good time also for mums to unwind.

Aside from pampering your intimates, you can also try Strip and Browhaus services for your grooming and hair removal needs. Strip is internationally renowned for its waxing services expertise, using the highest quality products and adhering to strict safety standards. 

Their services include Strip’s latest Advanced Fluroescence Technology, which can eliminate 80% of all unwanted hair in just six sessions1. Partnering with Alma Laser together with Strip’s hair removal expertise, these deliver safe, comfortable and effective results for both men and women on most parts of the body. Even postpartum mums can do their Brazilian AFT Hair Removal between three to six months after natural birth or caesarean delivery respectively. Other services include Rosebud Rejuvenation, Thermal Facelift and Thermal Shape.

Strip’s Hygiene, Speed and Quality Mantra

Strip’s Hygiene factor also guarantees no “double-dipping” with individually sealed and disposable hygiene packs for each treatment. Additionally, the waxperts are highly skilled, with extensive experience, precision and Speed – the treatments take exactly half an hour. Finally, the Quality of the customised wax and post-treatment care products ensure you get a great treatment without skin inflammation and infections. 

Strip 21st Birthday – Deals and Treats

Even better, enjoy Strip’s epic lineup of deals and treats to celebrate its 21st birthday. Stand to win exciting prizes from now till 31 December 2023, such as one pair of tickets per city – Hong Kong, Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City. Other prizes available during this period include limited edition merchandise or a free AFT session when you play Strip’s Birthday Bingo. Collect your Bingo card at any Strip outlet to start playing.

After your treatment, make sure to snap a picture with your favourite Strip staff with their fun in-store props. Next, post to your stories, tagging @stripsg #LoveStripSg. You could win a six-session Brazilian or Boyzilian AFT package worth up to $2,480. For those who are 21 this year, enjoy exciting promotions from 1 November to 31 December 2023. These include a 21-session Brazilian or Boyzilian Waxing hair removal package at $1,150 or $1,600 (UP, $1,638 and $2,268 respectively).


Get beautifully groomed brows and luscious lashes at Browhaus to save time in the busy mornings and still look fabulous.

Browhaus specialises in eyebrow and eyelash services, a time saver for busy mums. After trying the Lash in Bloom and Brow Resurrection services, you can get ready sooner without needing to apply mascara or do your brows. To date, Browhaus has done at least 150,000 Brow Resurrections. Their innovative solutions aim to enhance your natural beauty, with the highly trained technicians creating the perfect arch and shape to complement your facial features. Hence, you’ll leave each appointment with beautifully done brows and lashes.

For instance, the abovementioned Brow Resurrection uses an advanced brow embroidery technique. These can last up to 18 months with proper post-treatment TLC and diligently using their after-care products Build & Fix. Choose from BR Blend, Ombre, Soft, Full and Classic depending on the look you want to achieve. Other treatments available at Browhaus include Lash Resurrection, Eye Define, Plasma Lift, Lip Define and Lash in Bloom.Book your appointment at Strip or Browhaus and discover the Two Lips range online.

 1Results may vary. Minimum of six sessions required.