Three Ways to Style Your Mummyfique x BaeBeeBoo Kaftan

In Singapore’s tropical climate,  parents are always on the lookout for kid’s clothing that’s light and airy, yet chic and stylish at the same time. And we believe that our special collaboration with kaftan specialist BaeBeeBoo certainly ticks all those boxes.

Mummyfique is pleased to announce the launch of the Mummyfique x BaeBeeBoo kaftan, a beautiful design that is comfortable, stylish and versatile enough for little girls to wear during different occassions. We got the opportunity to speak with three mothers, each with their own unique sense of style, to style their minis in the kaftans as they saw fit. The result? Three different styles you can draw inspiration from!


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Besides being the programme leader of the Diploma in Fashion at LASALLE College of the Arts, a fashion designer, DJ, artist and musician, Ginette also enjoys weaving in her down time. For this shoot, she weaved a little belt with pompoms for her lookalike mini, Luella.


How would you describe your style?

Rock and roll with a sprinkle of frou frou.

If we had a version of the kaftan for adults, what would you pair it with?

A floppy hat and some beat up sneakers.

What did you choose to pair the kaftan with for Luella?

I weaved a belt and put some pom poms on it for Luella.

How would you describe Luella’s personality?

Luella is a crazy mix of rambunctious, sweet, funny and very stubborn.kid_B_wb

What do you like about the kaftan?

That it’s so easy. It can be worn out on a day at the beach, to the pool, just generally lounging around at home and just look so cute at the same time.



Cutting a striking figure with her blonde hair and svelte body, this fashion-forward, stunning mummy of two’s sense of style has clearly rubbed off on her sweet daughter Zola Mae. Aarika chose to pair the kaftan with a specially customised headband and fresh bouquet of gorgeous blooms.


How would you describe your style?

Comfortable, colourful, sometimes crazy.

If we had a version of the kaftan for adults, what would you pair it with?

Probably with an embellished sari skirt.

What did you choose to pair the kaftan with for Zola Mae?

I gave her shiny slip ons and a floral wreath to use on her head. She often wears the kaftan when we head to the park and she likes pretending she’s a fairy princess.

How would you describe Zola Mae’s personality?


She’s a very loving, imaginative and opinionated little girl. We call her little nenek (old lady) at home. They nag at you because they love you.

What do you like about the kaftan?

I like that it keeps her cool and comfortable in our balmy weather. It is also her favourite colour, so it makes her happy to be in it too.



Our Chief Creative Mummy gave her adorable cutie Ying two looks: pairing the kaftan with a floral headband for a more boho look and then with a red swimsuit for a day out at the beach!


How would you describe your style?

Functional but feminine. I like uncomplicated designs with clean lines.

If we had a version of the kaftan for adults, what would you pair it with?

Sandals (possibly gladiator sandals) and sunnies.

What did you choose to pair the kaftan with for Ying?

She had two looks: one was a more boho look with a floral headband, the other a more sporty version with a swimsuit underneath. The former is what I would dress her in to go out for a trip to town, the latter – something she could wear to the beach.

How would you describe Ying’s personality?

She’s generally a cheerful little girl but she is opinionated and gets upset when she doesn’t get her way. She’s also pretty active, loves running around, and playing with animals.


What do you like about the kaftan?

That the fabric is so soft and comfortable and the little ones look super cute in them!


Interested in getting a kaftan for the little princess in your life? Shop the story here!

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