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Tackling Postpartum Hair Loss: My Personal Journey (Part 2)

By Dolores Au
July 10, 2017

In an earlier post, I shared about how my hairy post-natal issue has been weighing heavily on my shoulders since I discovered that I had a rapidly receding hairline where thick luscious bangs used to thrive. Although I had settled on H’air Trichology by Leonica Kei, it was still a big leap of faith for me to fully trust that Leonica would be able to solve my woes, as I have always been quite sceptical of self-styled hair experts. That is until I experienced the results for myself.

My first session with at H’air Trichology started with a thorough consultation with the affable owner and certified Trichologist. Leonica patiently answered all my queries and explained the various steps of the treatment to me. “Seems easy enough”, I thought. To be fair, at that point I was willing to try almost anything and even she said that I would have to do a handstand for half hour to induce blood flow to the head, I would have done it willingly.

Thereafter, Leonica and one of her principal trichologists analysed my scalp through a scanner camera. Using Korean technology, it has the ability the scanner has the ability to reveal scalp conditions such as oiliness and sensitivity. According to the scans, my scalp was normal but certain patches towards the frontal area showed signs of redness and sensitivity, and that was what was contributing to the worrying amount of daily hair loss I was experiencing.

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021

I was then given a prognosis at the end of my first session and it included a timeline and a thorough description of the treatment process to handle my hairy issue.

Here’s what my customised treatment consisted of each time I made a visit to H’air Trichology:

  • Application of various creams to my scalp on the problem areas.

  • I’m put under a steamer for 15 minutes as steam and heat enhance the effect of the active ingredients in the creams.
  • A relaxing scalp massage will follow afterwards. This helps to stimulate circulation to the scalp.
  • Infrared lamps are used to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the scalp.

  • The final step is a deep hair wash using specially formulated shampoos and conditioners. A scalp lotion will then be applied before the hair is blown dry.

After each session, the therapist collects the hair loss resulting from the day’s treatment to make a log of the amount of actual hair that falls out.

The hair loss during each session in meticulously tracked by Leonica and her team.

Leonica shares more about the treatment procedures and how it works.

Mummyfique: Why is it important to log the hair loss rate and what does a slower rate of hair loss indicate?

Leonica: Your hair grows in cycles. The growing phase lasts around three years – after that, the hair starts to fall out and will regrow again. Average hair fall is between 50 to 100 strands a day, and ideally, the rate of hair fall and hair growth should be the same. When there is excessive hair fall, about 200 strands of hair will fall out a day, but only 100 strands will grow back. When this happens over a long period of time, the hair volume is reduced.

Postpartum hair loss usually results in excessive hair fall and oily, sometimes itchy scalp. Thus it is important to stabilise the excessive hair fall back to normal, otherwise, hair density cannot improve. We collect the amount of hair fall after each treatment so that the client can see for themselves the improvement on the amount of hair fall. A slower rate of hair loss signifies that the hair roots are getting stronger and healthier.

The scalp treatment also helps to rebalance the scalp pH balance and remove excessive sebum. This helps to regulate the sebaceous glands secretion leading to a healthy scalp.

The difference in hair loss after washing my hair within six months of treatment

What goes into the creams that are applied to the scalp during each treatment?

Leonica: We use many types of creams and serums, and we vary it according to the scalp condition on that day. Generally, the active ingredients in the creams are salicylic acid, which is a gentle scrub that helps to remove dead cells; menthol to stimulate blood circulation; vitamin E to nourish the scalp;and scalp lotions (serums) that have anti-oxidant boosting green tea extract, B6 and Azelaic acid – this helps to promote hair growth.

With a fuller and healthier head of hair.

For me, the results speak for themselves. After two months of intensive treatment, I now have much fuller hair. I am someone who normally shuns speciality treatments, preferring the more economical, do-it-yourself, off-the-shelf methods, but after undergoing the treatment at H’air Trichology, I am now a convert.