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Tackling Postpartum Hair Loss: My Personal Journey (Part 1)

By Dolores Au
June 5, 2017

There was a time when I didn’t know what was worse – the stubborn post-birth weight that refuse to head south or the growing patch of scalp on the front of my receding hairline. In the end, the scary patch of widening skin won out.

Let’s face it: I can disguise my weight when I dress up. There’s nothing I can’t hide or play down with a little strategic cover up and well-placed fashion twist and turn with some fabric.

But when it’s two giant spots above your forehead that look like two bald sunburnt patches on an otherwise perfect grassy turf, you know you have a hairy catastrophe on your hand. Or in this case, on your head.

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021
My pre-treatment hair situation. Pictured is my youngest daughter, Laura.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Admittedly, I did take my once-luscious tresses for granted and did not factor the health of my hair into my pregnancy wellness regime. I am not alone, I bet. Most of us busy mothers will put great effort to getting that pregnancy skin glow, avoiding stretch marks and watching their weight, but neglect our hair health.

Well, I suffered for it. And it hit me hard because I had two babies back-to-back, one after another in two years, and for what was worth, it felt like I was dropping twice the amount of hair that most new mothers did.

The bald spot is especially obvious when I put up my hair. I’m pictured with my daughter, Sophie.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
I tried various home remedies over the span of three months, from off-the-shelf hair growth serums and shampoo to organic essential oils and even hair growth head massage. But it did little to stave of the growing bald patch and my shower sink continued to be clogged by fistful of hairs.

It took a while for me to admit that I needed professional intervention – no healthy 42-year-old woman with nary a single white hair on her head, would ever imagine that she needed help for balding issues. When I finally did, I was glad that I reached out.

In Singapore, we have no lack of salons and trichology clinics all over the island, but I was not keen to leave my hair to chance and did my research carefully. These are my criteria and the reasons why I eventually choose to leave my haircare in the hands of Leonica Kei of H’air Trichology:

At H’air Trichology by Leonica K.

1. I wanted an expert that had years of good track record.
Leonica started her first hair loss and scalp treatment centre in 1997 under the Philips Kingsley house specialising in the treatment of hair loss, excessive hair fall, common dandruff, psoriasis, dry and damaged hair, alopecia areata, scalp eczema, scalp inflammation and other hair loss and scalp conditions. Very quickly, she gathered a stellar fan base with her professionalism and gentle, consultative method, and over time, Leonica Kei became a household name that overtook the Philips Kingsley brand.

2. I wanted the expert that everyone speaks so highly of, to be the same person who handles my concerns. And I did not appreciate any hard-selling tactics.
You know how it is: you choose to visit a clinic or salon on the basis of a specialist’s reputation but when you are there, all you get is a few minutes of face-time from the expert and you are palmed off to their assistants. I was not taking that – this is my crowning glory and I deserve to have the best person tell me what was wrong with it and how to solve the issue. This was exactly what I got at H’air Trichology. Leonica spent hours with me over several consultations, patiently explaining to me her methodology, treatments and prices and I never once felt any hard-selling tactic. All I walked away with during the first non-obligatory consultation, was enough knowledge for me to decide on the next best step to take.

3. I wanted a salon that specialises in follicle issues and not have it as one of their full-suite offerings.
If you claim that you specialise in providing a specific service or solution, then your business model should reflect that claim in its offering. So, I was not about to waste time with salons that offer the full suite of hair styling services and claim to be specialists on follicle treatment. You cannot possibly be good at everything. At H’air Trichology, I knew I was in good hands as the company’s entire business model rests primarily on Leonica’s ability to solve thorny hair challenges.

4. I wanted an affordable treatment that will not break the bank.
While I agree that the term “affordable” differs from one budget-conscious mother to the next, we have to assess returns of value against factors like: the type of treatment offered, the frequency of the sessions, the machines or formula used, as well as possible hidden costs. I compared the packages with two other similar trichology specialists and I’m satisfied that I am not being charged unfairly and there is no hidden cost involved at H’air Trichology. The fees usually include the hair growth serum and 2 big bottles of Leonica’s specially formulated hair loss shampoo and conditioner.

Treatment in progress.

What’s next then? Look out for the next part of my post-baby hair growth journal as I put my hair in the hands of Leonica and her team.