9 Smokin’ Hot Mums To Follow in 2018

In an era where Instagram has invaded our lives and turned seemingly ordinary people into celebrities, we find ourselves tuning in to the insta-feeds of these familiar strangers and in many ways, aspire to be them. By Damelza Harris-Olsen

One such group are these smokin’ hot mums who seem to have it all – fabulous lifestyles, high-flying careers and beautiful families. We look at nine mamas to follow in 2018.


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Norfasarie Mohd Yahya

She is the director of SPA by Norfasarie, a successful pamper establishment for the ladies. She is classy and timeless and a mum to three beautiful younglings. Norfasarie is married to Singaporean footballer, Baihakki and you’ll see a lot of the football scene on there – what you’ll also see is the devotion this mum puts in for the family.


???? Reflecting on the year and all the beauty it has brought amidst the tough moments. 2017 wasn't easy both at work and in life. Buried myself in work and a ton of play knowing I had to eventually slow down & succumb to fertility treatments. I allowed my ambitions & the want for a baby to consume me and somehow lost myself along the way. But by God's grace I was granted my heart's desire and given a renewed sense of purpose. Along with it came an undeserving yet overwhelming amount of love. With that I started loving myself, my baby, and all the people around me. They say becoming a mom is life-changing; this truly is a pivotal moment in my life. I know that 2018 is not going to be without its challenges, but I feel like I'm in a better place and capacity to take on what is coming my way. And if there's anything I've learnt, it's that we all have an inner strength to draw from when the going gets tough. We just need to love ourselves to do so.

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Velda Tan

Successful entrepreneur, Velda Tan was once a part of fashion powerhouse, Love, Bonito. Not one to sit back and relax, the sassy Velda is the brains behind Collate The Label and expecting her first little bun. On her feed be inspired by her casual chic style and beautifully curated photos of this well-travelled wanderluster.


this @victoriassecret top ????✨

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Sonya (Davidson) Sanchez

First off, can you believe this hottie is mum to twin boys?! Sonya is a former model and has appeared in print and TV commercials among many other gigs as an artiste. I love her feed – her home is gorgeous, her ootds are to die for and my God, her boys are absolutely delicious! And again, can you believe she’s mum to twins? Wowser!


Colleen Francisca

Founder of Francisca, an online boutique and Francisca Dessert Parlour, Colleen once represented Singapore in the Miss Universe pageant. This fine lady is mum to two beautiful kiddos – Warning: Do NOT peruse her feed if you’re hungry, the copious amounts of incredibly delectable desserts just scream EAT ME. Her two little ones are precious and she is just stunning at every turn. How do you do it, Colleen?



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Nadia Nasimuddin

Director of conglomerate Naza Group of Companies, Nadia also runs Lyfestyl Projects, a successful F&B outfit. She is a proud mummy to two gorgeous little ones. You’ll find her feed full of fun little moments spent with her younglings on their many travels and some cute ootds.


Jaime Lee

Known as the flat lay queen, Jamie Lee is the force behind The Paper Bunny and a mother to a little cutie. If you’re a stationery freak like I am, be prepared to go nuts. Her feed is chock full of her beautifully crafted stationery – like seriously, I want my desk full of the stuff. Also, peek into the precious moments she shares with her husband and adorable kiddo.


Nora Danish

Malaysian actress Nora Danish is a star with over 5.1m followers on Instagram (yup!). The diva is of Arab and Burmese descent and mama to one. This beauty knows her way with cosmetics and you’ll see a lot of it on her feed. Catch her with other stars and her cute family.


Last nights details. Let’s go full on metal #prestigeklball

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Malaysian entrepreneur and founder of ShoesShoesShoes and KLutched, Yiulin is a devoted mother to two girls. Her feed will give you a taste of the glam life. Pieces from her collections dominate and they are spectacular – check out the upscale soiree scene and her beautiful family life.


Danielle Graham

Model and cookbook author, On The Table At Home, Danielle Peita Graham is another supermum of two. Be inspired by healthy living as you scroll through her collection of yummy recipes, enviable yoga poses, chic ootds and adorable kids.


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Damelza Harris-Olsen, is your multi-tasking, on-the-go mum to two active little boys. When not stuck on writing, you’ll find her on adventures with her husband and sons or on a home cleaning binge.

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