Mum Crush Wednesday: Joanne Peh

Our mum crush of the week Joanne Peh is notoriously protective over her little one, so much so that to date, we’ve yet to see her face. She’s also married to fellow actor Qi Yuwu,  providing some local #relationshipgoals for us here on our sunny little red dot.

The two made it official in 2014, with the Merlion watching over their wedding ceremony no less. Though the pair have been matched numerous times on-screen prior to dating, their relationship and subsequent wedding took many by surprise.

The best thing that happened in 2014. #throwback #mrandmrsqi #firstanniversary @qiyuwu

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Fast forward a few years and their family has grown. They welcomed Baby Qi, as she’s known as, in 2015, with the picture below being the most frontal profile that we’ve seen of her.

This was my first skin to skin contact with our baby girl. What I remembered most was her smell — the smell of flesh and blood, a scent that bonded and belonged exclusively to us. I am moved by my husband @qiyuwu — who cheered me on relentlessly and had no fear witnessing the birth of our daughter. And to the staff of @mountelizabethsg who supported my decision to go without pain relief, encouraged me to stay strong throughout my contractions and who are so pro breast-feeding after — a million thanks cannot express the gratitude I have for the roles each of you have played in fulfilling the decisions I have made on this journey. As a new mom, I will say, this network of support is of utmost importance and I really can't ask for more. Thank you #mountelizabethsg #littlemiraclesatmountelizabeth #miracleshappeneveryday #supportnewmoms

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As #babyqi approaches the 1 year mark, I can't help but miss the intense breastfeeding days. Being a new mom, there were moments of ups and downs. While it was time well spent, giving us private bonding moments, I also wished I had more sleep. I know this is especially difficult for working mothers who still have to get up in the morning to be at work on time. ? We always have to be mindful of what we ate and that we are getting enough nourishment to make up for the lack of rest. Aside from having a balanced diet, milk for lactating mothers like Anmum Lacta can help to replenish important nutrients too, so that we can all continue to give our babies the best. With the first-time experience now behind me, I am looking forward to new challenges with my toddler. ??#worldbreastfeedingweek #anmumlacta #anmum #breastfeeding

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Towards the end of 2016, they announced that a playmate for the elusive Baby Qi was in gestation.

We are so happy to share that our family is growing! @qiyuwu #babyqi

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The NTU alum has both beauty and brains. The former Miss Singapore Universe contestant managed to strike a balance between showbiz and books, taking on acting roles while completing her degree in communications.

With fellow NTU alumni Mr Teo Ser Luck here at our alma mater NTU to celebrate!

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Her career has blossomed in Singapore. She was dubbed one of the ‘Seven Princesses of MediaCorp’ and is one of the few truly bilingual local actresses, having played leading roles in both Channel 5 and Channel 8 productions. Thanks to her acting prowess, she’s snagged more than her fair share of acting accolades at the local Star Awards. She’s also made waves hosting interesting Info-Ed programmes.

Pregnancy and motherhood haven’t slowed her down. During her first pregnancy with Baby Qi, she appeared on the magazine covers of Simply Her, Elle, and of course, Mother & Baby, proudly showcasing her budding baby bump.

Simply Her, July 2015.

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Dancing with Baby Qi on June 2015 issue of Mother & Baby!

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And she’s right on track with this second pregnancy. She’s once again graced the cover of Simply Her and even took on the lead role in a new Channel 8 drama.

I love Christmas issues! Check out Dec issue of Simply Her! ❄️☃️?

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The cast and our pet robots at the lensing ceremony of #dreamcoder8

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Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and look great, and Joanne is living proof of that. Even during the late stages of her pregnancy, she managed to look enviably chic and put together.

"Baby Qi, you have a friend!" #happymama #ohmybaby

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It seems that motherhood agrees with Joanne and she frequently totes Baby Qi about.

Took #babyqi on her first MRT ride in Singapore.

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Spending the weekend together and feeling blessed for this rare opportunity. @qiyuwu #babyqi

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With baby number two on the way, we look forward to hearing more about this yummy mummy and we have nothing but best wishes for the Qi family.

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