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How To Fake Great Sleep With Makeup

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By Serenia Smith
February 15, 2018

Quick steps to fake great sleep and be bright, gorgeous you!

Remember the single days when you were able to spend as long as you wanted getting your face on?

Then marriage happened and you had to contend with the nagging husband, hurrying you up. Oh but then, you had kids – gasp – who need your every second… and when they don’t, and all is silent – you know something’s up!

Through experience (and lots of trial and error), I’ve minimised the number of products I apply on my face and still pull off looking like I had at least seven hours of sleep.

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Here are my quick tips to faking a good nights’ sleep.

  • Start with clean, fresh face.
  • Prep with moisturiser and/or primer – whichever works best for  you.
  • Next up, apply a thin layer of medium to full coverage foundation (brush, sponge or fingers) and follow up with a creamy concealer, to brighten your under eye area (you know from lack of sleep and being woken up in the middle of the night with “So mummy, I was thinking…”)
  • Set your foundation with a foundation powder or two-way cake – it keeps your makeup intact for much longer but dab it on lightly.
  • Shade in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or pomade.
  • Eyeliner (gel, liquid, pencil, cake whichever you’re more confident using) – eyeliner can open up your eyes when done correctly and fake beautiful, thick lashes.
  • A pop of highlight in the inner corner of your eyes opens them up nicely, helping you look bright-eyed.
  • A little blush on your cheeks for youth and radiance.
  • An MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick or lip gloss – if you’re one of those amazing people who can apply liquid lipstick USE THAT!

Alright let’s be honest this is gonna take longer than five minutes on your first few tries, but with a little repetition, you’re gonna start getting there a lot quicker. Keep it all in a cute little makeup bag and you’ll have everything you need even if you need to race out of the house barefaced – this look is easy enough to be done on the go.

That’s it, mamas, quick steps to fake great sleep and be bright, gorgeous you!

Product List
POREfessional Pearl Primer ($54)Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation ($62)Nars Creamy Concealer ($46), Dior Show Mascara, Tarteist Highlighter ($48), Nars Orgasm Blusher ($46), Fenty Gloss Bomb ($31)Urban Decay All Nighter ($48)