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#Fiquestagram 9: Weekly Instagram Moments from Mums We Love

By Samantha Jong
August 22, 2016

From fashion shows to sisterly bonding time, this week’s #Fiquestagram is filled with fun family moments: bridal gown designer Celest Thoi’s daughters joined her at her Celest Thoi x Sarakichi fashion show during the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, Yu Shuyi’s son Avery figures out the joy of bicycle time, Belinda Huber’s daughters engage in some quality bonding time when recuperating while Michelle Hon and Jus enjoy some family time.

Celest Thoi — @celestthoi

Yay… my biggest fans are here ? #celestthoixsarakichi #kids #blessed

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Sometimes your kids are your biggest fans and it seems like Celest Thoi’s love and passion for fashion has rubbed off on her girls Rissa and Cayla.


Yu Shuyi — @missphishh 

Shuyi finds out that for her son, the best part of cycling isn’t the exercise and fresh air, but the ringing of the bicycle bell.


Michelle Hon — @thechillmom 

Michelle Hon of The Chill Mom reminisces about the chill day she had on National Day with her “whole, sweet world” — her family.


Jus — @justtey

The hubby works really hard. We are very proud of how he is so passionate about his job, and how he is able to help others by preventing pain during and after surgery. As a sole-breadwinner in our sandwich generation, I can imagine the stress he feels, having to provide for all of us. Especially the wife, who tends to buy too many books. (I tell him to be glad it's not bags or jewelry. ?) . It does mean long hours on some days, and being on call. Sometimes, he's away on weekends, and the boys miss him (especially since they are stuck with a grumpy Mama who needs a break). . I guess you can't have it all, can you? It's a matter of doing our best, to joyfully care for our family whatever the circumstances. I admit though, that I struggle with these very mixed emotions about the hubby's work sometimes, and then I feel guilty. Any of you too? . Anyway, I really take my hat off to those who have hubbies who travel frequently, it's amazing how you cope! . #makingmummoments

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Jus thanks her husband for all that he’s done with a sweet photo of him and their three boys. After all, sometimes daddies need a little love too.


Belinda Huber — @belindahuber

Belinda Huber’s girls have each other for company while recovering from a bout of illness in their super cute teepee, giving mama a much needed break.

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