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#Fiquestagram 8: Weekly Instagram Moments From Mums We Love

By Samantha Jong
August 16, 2016

On this week’s #Fiquestagram list: Charlene Chew celebrates the birth of her National Day baby while we catch Audrey Tan and her daughter Kayla frolicking under the fluffy white clouds. Fun time is also all the more special when sharing it with good friends evidenced by the playdates that Herna Mohari, Ashlyn Thia and Dawn set up for their kids.

Ashlyn Thia — @ashlynthia

Nothing like a good playdate for little ones to burn off their boundless energy!

Herna Mohari — @herrrna

Team Caramel at the beach, we're missing you, Ashley. ❤️ #teamcaramel #love #blessed #tbc

A photo posted by Herna Mohari (@herrrna) on

With Singapore’s tropical weather, it’s beach time all year round. Pick a beach bar, grab the kids and a few friends, and just chill like Hernia.

Audrey Tan — @audt

Audrey’s photo reflects a stage in the life of every parent where the kids know no bounds and think the world is their playground.

Charlene Chew – @missuschewy 

Here's an updated family photo of The Chewys ?‍?‍?‍? Pardon my messy hair! LOL. It feels so surreal that Baby Cayla was born on National Day, at 40w5d. My second labour was kinda dramatic, compared to my first. Water bag burst at 4am and due to some complications detected by my gynae upon her arrival, I was rushed into the operating theatre at around 9am for an emergency caesarean. The worst thing was that the hubs wasn't with me because he had stepped out to get some water. . . . Everything happened in a flash and I was helplessly shaking in fear. It was really traumatising. Was given anaesthesia to inhale and I knocked out immediately. When I regained my consciousness, I felt really groggy and the pain was pretty intense. . . . On a happier note, Baby Cayla is able to latch well and my milk is in today! My efforts in nursing her regularly paid off and of course, the nursing herbal soup from @mummamiasg that my mil helped to prepare was super effective in jump starting my breast milk production! #thechewyspartyof4

A photo posted by Charlene Chew ?? (@missuschewy) on

It’s a National Day baby girl for Charlene and family! After such a labour experience, we think the mummy deserves her rest, don’t you?

Toh Xin Yi — @xysuperlicious

There’s nothing quite like experiencing your children’s firsts with them, something first-time mum Xin Yi can attest to.

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