Easy Make-Ahead Snacks that are Perfect for Travelling

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By Jessica
November 24, 2016

One of the trials of travelling with minis is the need to have some form of sustenance for the little ones to munch on between meal times. Here are some easy make-ahead snacks that are perfect for bringing along when you travel, so that they aren’t just eating biscuits.


Mini Quiches

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Easy Make-Ahead Snacks that are Perfect for Travelling 1

A perfect size for little hands, these are super easy to make. Grab some frozen short crust pastry from the supermarket, cut out circles and line greased muffin trays. Fill with beaten egg and mix mixture, add desired ingredients. From salmon and spinach to ham and cheese, the combinations are endless. A short stint in the oven at around 175 degrees Celsius and the mini quiches are travel ready.


Maki Rolls

Easy Make-Ahead Snacks that are Perfect for Travelling 2

Another convenient bite sized treat that is healthy, roll in ingredients that travel well like carrots, avocado, sausages, tuna and pickles. It makes for a tasty and well-balanced snack-on-the-go.


Mini Pizzas

Easy Make-Ahead Anacks that are Perfect for Travelling 1

My children love these snacks and they are easy enough for them to get involved in making them. Simply cut tortilla wraps into small circles, place them in a muffin tray. Spread some tomato pasta sauce in each cup, top with sliced ham and pepperoni, and pile on the cheese. Cook in the oven at 175 degrees celsius for a really tasty on the go treat.



Easy Make-Ahead Snacks that are Perfect for Travelling 3

Admittedly, this takes some practice to make, but these egg rolls are popular with children of all ages. If you have a tamago pan that’s great, but a regular frying pans works just as well.

To make the egg mixture, beat 3 eggs and mix with half a cup of dashi stock and 2 tablespoons of mirin. Do not be daunted by the frying process, all it take is some practice and a well-greased pan.

I found THIS and THIS video(s) to be really helpful. And yes you can stuff these rolls too!


Dark Chocolate Tarts

Easy Make-Ahead Snacks that are Perfect for Travelling 4

Another snack that is super easy to make. Just melt dark chocolate and use it to fill the base of muffin cups. Finish by adding a topping of your choice: muesli, granola, cornflakes, trail mix or nuts for a nutrient packed treat.

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