Dad Crush: George Young

A corporate lawyer turned actor is our suave dad crush this week.

British born, half-Malaysian, half greek heartthrob, George Young started out as qualified solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales but gave it all up when he realised his heart just wasn’t in it.

He got his foot wet in the entertainment scene when he appeared on British medical drama series, CASUAL+Y – he was hooked.

He went on to his first international feature role in a Bollywood film, Jhootha Hi Sahi and later did several commercials in Taiwan and Thailand. He co-hosted with (now wife) Janet Hsieh on the Discovery Communications’ Travel and Living Channel.

Posts – Got a story?

A call to Irene Ang, founder and CEO of Fly Entertainment sealed his fate when he was undecided between moving to Hong Kong and Singapore – and the rest they say is history. Needless to say, Singapore welcomed him with open arms.

George Young is an advocate for autism awareness both locally and internationally, having two brothers on the autistic spectrum. In 2012 and 2013, he partnered with Kiehl’s to raise awareness and money for the cause.

George met his Taiwanese-American TV host and model wife, Janet Hsieh while filming a commercial in Taiwan. Friends long before tying the knot in 2015, the happy couple welcomed their son, Egan on 11 October 2017 after 28 hours of labour.

Here’s a quick look at his Instagram @instageorgey!


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Egan 7 week diary: Egan的七週日記: I’ve learned how to kick and push with my legs. Sumo squats and lunges are my next move. 我學會用腳大力的踢跟推。接下來,我會相撲深蹲跟跨弓箭步。 I’ve decided to give my parents a little break by sleeping up to 4 hours at night. In the future, they better repay me back with a little brother or sister to play with or I’m peeing on dad again. 我決定讓我爸爸媽媽晚上的時候可以一次睡4個小時。未來, 希望他們會給我一個弟弟或妹妹來陪我玩,不然我又要再尿尿在我老爸身上了。 I’ve discovered mirrors. Damn I look GOOOOOOD. 我發現了鏡子。我還發現一件事,欸,我好帥喔! I can see further now and have started to look at people directly into their eyes. Add the occasional smile and I’m the center of attention in ANY room. It works like a charm with the ladies. 我的近視比較好了,可以直接直視別人的眼睛了。加上偶爾的微笑或是給個笑容,我就是整個房間裡最閃亮的焦點。別說我沒教你,我挺會勾引女人的喔。 I’ve outgrown my newborn clothing and am now wearing some very stylish and fashionable outerwear. 我已經穿不下我的初生嬰兒的衣服了,現在換成時尚服了。 I can lift up my big ole’ noggin (ie. my head) for a few seconds at a time now. Give it a few more weeks and my neck muscles are going to make @therock jealous. 我可以把我的大頭舉起來幾秒了。再過幾個禮拜,我脖子的肌肉會強壯到讓巨石強森嫉妒。 I can have “conversations” now, mostly consisting of “oooh” “ahh” “AH” “hmmm” “haaa” “ho” “huunnnn” and occasionally, when I feel like dropping the mic on everybody: “hellooooo”. THAT shuts everyone up. 我可以聊天了。大部分的內容是:喔,蛤,哼,哈,齁,橫~~~。有時候想引起大家注意時,我會說:哈囉~~~~~。這時候大家會全場安靜 Marvelous photo by @ajerry_sung

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Egan's first dramatic role #week4

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Practice makes pandas

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Hen pecked.

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That time we got busted making beautiful music together.

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Fear is viral; hope is contagious. #Containment @cwcontainment @thecw

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I think @janetagram is enjoying this… @ellesingapore

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U know those times where u take a pic+it comes back to haunt u via an 8Days cover?

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Like son like father

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