Cute Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

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By Oriella Onni
January 3, 2018

Getting your kids to eat right can be challenging and schools may not always have the best meal options, unfortunately. By Oriella Onni 

Packing them a cute little lunch pack will ensure your kiddo is eating healthy and because it’s undeniably attractive, they won’t be able to resist digging in either. We found some adorable lunch box ideas that you too can whip up for your kids.

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This cat peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a winner for sure, full instructions here.

A hooting sweet and savoury delight, full instructions here.

A dino-mite power lunch will make any kiddo ravenous, full instructions here.
Take it to the stars with this delicious lunch set, click here for full instructions.

Swimming with the fishies, click here for full instructions.

The silicone muffin cups are a clever way to keep food separated and its reusable! Click here for full instructions.


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