5 Best Podcasts For Preschoolers

Giving kids a digital device, especially if you are spending long hours on the road, in a waiting room for the doctor or even if it’s just before bedtime, is the norm these days. However, letting little ones have too much stimulation from bright moving images is not always a good thing as it does get them excited and it may impair their development in the long run.

Instead, why not opt for some analogue entertainment that educates, even as it occupies the kids. Here are our top picks:

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Posts – Got a story?

If your toddlers are at the age where they are asking lots of questions that you may find hard to answer such as “How are babies made?” and “How do butterflies fly?”, this podcast is the answer to all their questions. It gathers questions from actual children, who are encouraged to send a voice recording of their questions in, and it gets subject experts to answer them in a way that is simple, yet scientific, perfect for your child who is curious about everything around them.

Ear Snacks

Andrew and Polly are here to entertain your children in a fun and relatable manner. They talk to in a fun wacky manner about a topic, such as their first episode that was about fruit, and use a tonne of voices and sound effects. They also incorporate answers from children, such as what to wear for Halloween, and sing silly made-up and catchy songs that are reminiscent of what you’ll hear on shows like The Wiggles. It’s a great alternative to turning on the normal radio when you are in the car with your children.

Story Pirates

Kids come up with amazing stories when they’re playing make believe with their friends and wouldn’t it be great if these stories were recorded. That’s what Story Pirates has done, taking stories written by kids and recording them into radio shows, and they are usually filled with the humour that only kids can come up with and appreciate.

The Carmazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kid’s Podcast

Life lessons, facts and catchy songs are woven into this fun and catchy storytelling podcast as voice actors take on fictional personas to bring original stories to life. Isn’t it great to be able to entertain the kids while teaching them about values such as being responsible and kind?

The Show About Science

Who better to talk to kids about science than a kid himself. This podcast is hosted by six-year-old Nate who goes around the US to interview experts about topics like organic chemistry and recycling and even butterflies. The budding science reporter has also been featured on The Ellen Show.


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