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15 Moving Tips You Need to Know for A Stress-Free Move

While moving or relocating might be a daunting task, it is also a great way to declutter and figure out if investing in a short-term storage unit is suitable for your family's needs.
Moving can be tedious, but can be made into a fun activity for the whole family with our handy moving tips! Photo Credit: tirachardz on Freepik
By Emma Lin
April 13, 2023

Moving is well, to say the least, hectic. However, it can be fun especially when you’ve got handy hacks at your fingertips. Furthermore, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to declutter. Think about possible storage solutions and bring out the Marie Kondo in you! While moving is a stressful process overall, we’ve unravelled some of the ways that can reduce the amount of work and ultimately make it a whole lot smoother. Read on to discover 15 creative ways to ace your next move.

1. Bubble Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Bubble Wrap.

Bubble wraps are super handy and easy to stash away when not in use. The next time you receive a parcel wrapped in plastic bubble sheets, keep them! You never know when you might need them to wrap fragile items, especially glassware and ceramics. Bubble wraps are great for when you’re moving small and large items that require a bit more care.

Mummyfique Sample July 2021
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2. Recycled old cardboard pieces are a gem.

Cardboard pieces are useful to cut to size to pad corners of tables and other furniture to prevent damage. Pad corners before wrapping the item in bubble wrap for double protection.

3. Toilet paper rolls are useful for cable organisation.

Ever had cables and wires run wild? This is where Toilet paper tubes can come to your rescue. Simply wind up each cable and place it into a toilet paper roll. Then, label it and you’re done! Easy.

Who knew that cling wrap would be so useful when it comes to holding things in place? Photo Credit: pressfoto on Freepik

4. Cling Wrap everything, almost.

Cling wraps are very versatile and can be used on almost anything and everything when you need to keep your items in place during a move. You can use them to pack utensils, pots, and other kitchen appliances before boxing them. 

Afraid that you’ll lose the respective wire for your electronic appliances? Cling wrap the wire onto the appliance before packing into the box. Problem solved.

When moving large and bulky toys, there’s no need to put them in a storage box. Simply use cling film to bundle them up!

Cling wraps can also help to prevent spillage of liquids. Just wrap the top of the container or bottle with cling wrap before replacing the cover. 

You can also wrap furniture with plastic wrap to prevent damage as well as to seal drawers!

5. Invest in good quality storage bins.

Invest in storage bins for items that are seasonal and might stay in storage for most of the year. In our weather, storing items in cardboard boxes might not be the best choice due to high humidity levels. Cheaper plastic boxes are also more likely to crack and break during the move. Shop at Extra Space Asia for your packing needs. They not only stock high quality packing essentials but also industrial-grade plastic boxes that are both durable and sturdy. 

6. Number all boxes, write the room name, and take photos!

Numbering all your boxes may not be enough to ensure that there are none left behind from the move. To ease the unpacking process, write the room name on the boxes as well so that you know exactly where they should be placed. Additionally, create an inventory list of the number of boxes you have per room and also take photos of the contents of each box before sealing it. 

Taking photos of items in each box before you seal them up makes it even easier know which boxes contain items that you wish to unpack first. Photo Credit: Freepik

7. Start listing items to sell or donate.

The more you declutter, the less items you have to move! This is a good time to sort out items that you’d like to sell or donate. 

8. Consider short-term storage.

If there are some items that you can’t commit to getting rid of yet, but you’re not sure if you need, you may want to put them in a short-term storage unit, and then evaluate later. These include seasonal items like holiday decorations or winter wear. You can also consider wine storage as you’re planning for your big move. Extra Space Asia provides wine lockers where temperatures are kept between 12-14°C at 65% to 75% humidity to ensure that wines are stored at optimal conditions. There are also walk-in wine cellars with free shelves that are installed so that you can organise your wine bottles and wine crates easily.

9. Pack plates and other fragile crockery vertically.

When it comes to crockery, packing might be a tad tricky. For plates and other fragile items, pack them vertically to eliminate the chances of being chipped. You can also place plastic plates in between each plate (if you have disposables handy around the house). Thereafter, bubble wrap and cling wrap!

10. Clothes on hangers go hand-in-hand.

Don’t take clothes off their hangers. Instead, move them in bunches in zippered woven bags still on the hangers. This is much easier and way cheaper option especially if you’re on a tight budget.

It’s always a good idea to disassemble furniture like dining table or chair legs as well as bed frames to assist in the move. Photo Credit: pressfoto on Freepik

11. Disassemble Furniture for the big move.

Dining table, chairs, bed frames, shelves – all these can be disassembled so you not only save a lot of space in the moving truck but also help the movers with the whole moving process. 

12. Pack books in suitcases or boxes with wheels. 

Books weigh a ton and packing them in suitcases (perhaps cabin sized ones else it might be still too heavy for the movers to lug into the truck) or boxes with wheels is a lifesaver especially for your back! 

13. Make use of items that you can find around your house as extra padding.

While miscellaneous cardboard pieces are useful to pad corners of furniture, squishy items that you find around your house can provide that extra padding when you’re packing fragile items into boxes. These include stuffed toys, cushions, pillows and socks for stuffing glassware!

14. Use IKEA Bags!

IKEA bags are not only lightweight but tough, so they’re perfect for moving clothes, stuffed animals, blankets, and more! They are also great for last minute items you want to throw in during your move.

The last items to pack would be packing supplies just in case you need them handy at the last minute. Photo Credit: pressfoto on Freepik

15. Pack packing supplies last.

Keep packing supplies in a box with a handle or an IKEA bag so that you can easily cart them around from room to room. Pack them last because you will probably need those markers and tape  as you find things you forgot.

Explore Extra Space Asia’s storage spaces as you plan your next move! The friendly staff at Extra Space Asia will be glad to assist you with packing supplies and short-term storage options. From carton boxes to bubble wrap, they’ve got a wide range of packing supplies to help you move and store your items safely.

How to get a storage unit? Visit Extra Space Asia to get a quote or head down to their nearest storage facility near you. Simply fill in relevant documents to acknowledge the storage progress. Next, download the newly launched Yes! App to access your storage unit conveniently. Once you have organised your items to store, unload them into your chosen storage space! 

It’s interesting to note that Extra Space Asia is the pioneer self-storage company in Singapore to develop an app, Yes!, which allows you as customers to have an overview of your storage information, make payments on-the-go, as well as to earn points which can then be exchanged for a variety of digital vouchers and rewards.Starting from only S$50 a month, enjoy more space at home by decluttering your home and storing your seasonal items at Extra Space Asia! Place down an enquiry via their website. For more details, visit Extra Space Asia Self Storage at