Kids: Staying Fit At Home (While You Have A Cuppa)

Children should be getting at least 60 minutes of exercise every day through unstructured or structured play or through workouts for kids at home.

They don’t need a regimented workout routine like the gruelling punishment we adults tend to carve out for ourselves.

Active kids have leaner bodies, stronger muscles and bones, are less likely to become overweight and tend to have a better outlook on life – a run around the playground, swinging on the monkey bars and some climbing or jumping rope gets the deed done in one fun swoop. 


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It has however been shown time and time again that our kids are playing less and less outdoors these days, preferring instead to vegetate with devices either because we don’t make the effort to bring them out because we’re swamped ourselves or simply because the weather hasn’t been kind.

I’m guilty of not including more play daily but I do try my utmost to make sure my boys get active outdoor (and indoor) play as much as I can – some days I fail miserably and then on some days, we Fitness Blend.

They love it, I love it. It works and it never fails to put us in a great mood after. (Of course, sometimes, I just watch them from the comfort of my sofa, latte in hand.)


We’ve invested in a few good mats and some light weights, but you don’t need all that. All you need is a little space, a bottle of water and some energy to burn.

Here are some videos to try out with the kids; for variety, we’ve included HIIT, Yoga and Dance so you can mix it up and work it. Have fun!

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Damelza Harris-Olsen is your multi-tasking, on-the-go mum to two active little boys. When not stuck on writing, you’ll find her on adventures with her husband and sons, on a photoshoot somewhere painting faces or on a home (re)decorating binge.

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