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Posts – Got a story?
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Ultimate Guide To Home-based Learning Resources For Younger Kids

With this pandemic still looming over us, transitioning to home-based learning has become part and parcel of the new normal.
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Home-based Learning has become part of every child’s educational journey ever since the pandemic. Photo Credit: @depthofmama from Instagram
By Seraphina Khoo
May 28, 2021

Ultimate Guide to Home-based Learning Resources for Kids

Learning at home can be highly motivating for kids and it is also a fantastic way to bridge as well as enhance the learning journey between home and school. There are so many online digital resources and apps available especially since home-schooling has also been on the rise. Tech tools always excite kids and engage them for a longer period of time than we like to admit. Here are our recommendations of online and printable resources, although this list is by no means exhaustive.

Online Resource – Twinkl

Online resources are aplenty so where do you start? How about with Twinkl? Twinkl features comprehensive learning resources across all disciplines and levels. It is one of the world’s leading resources for schools and home. The teacher-created content provides entire schemes of work, lesson planning and assessments right through to online educational games, augmented reality and more. The Home Learning Hub provides a range of resources including worksheets, crafts and educational games, as well as guides for you to help your little ones navigate the curriculum. Twinkl Go! provides a variety of interactive and audio-visual resources suitable for all ages and spans across all subjects. This collection offers hundreds of games, videos, audiobooks and activities, which can be completed on any device. To get access to the resources on the Home Learning Hub or Twinkl Go!, you need to create a free log-in using an email address and password.

There are a multitude of online resources for kids. Take time to select the ones that best supports your child’s learning journey. Photo Credit: @sierra.honeycutt from Instagram

Other Online Resources:


SplashLearn – reading resources
Starfall – reading and Math for kindy and lower pri kids
Storyline Online – audiobooks & videos
Unite for Literacy – books, books, and more books
Literactive – reading materials & learning activities
Seussville – the world of Dr. Seuss!
Fun English Games – interactive English games & activities
English4Kids – all kinds of materials for learning English

Posts – Got a story?
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Beast Academy – full online Math curriculum & guidebooks
SplashLearn – Math activities
Coolmath4Kids – Math games & quizzes
MathGameTime – free Math games
KooBits – Interactive Math learning materials

Mother Tongue

LingoAce – online Chinese class
Dino Lingo – Malay lessons, books, games & more
The ABCs of Tamil for Kids – interactive games, worksheets & other Tamil resources
Storyweaver – stories in Tamil
ilearnTamil – Tamil story books online


Science Kids – Science games, experiments, activities & more
Discovery #MindBlown – STEM-based edu-tainment by The Discovery Channel
NASA Kids’ Club – everything about space
National Geographic Explorer Classroom – hear stories from real explorers and scientists
Generation Genius – brings science to life with videos, games and DIY activities
Little Bins for Little Hands – packed with hands-on science experiments and STEM activities for kids


I Can Teach My Child – resources to build your child’s literacy skills and knowledge
Teachers Pay Teachers – a whole range of resources across subjects
Discovery Education – resources to investigate real-world situations.
BrainPOP & Brain Pop Jr – online resources across disciplines including engineering, and technology
Enchanted Learning – covers a wide range of topics including English, World Languages, Social Studies, Math, Science, Health, Arts & Crafts, and Music
The Kids Should See This – collection of 4,300+ kid-friendly videos!
Tynker – coding, programming & games
E-learning for kids – Math & Science e-learning materials
Outschool – interactive online classes
ABCya! – all kinds of games across subjects
Turtlediary – games, videos, quizzes across all subjects
Earth School by TedEd – explores topics about the world around us
BBC Teach – home to thousands of resources categorised by age-groups and subjects – online curriculum for eading, Math, Science and Art

Printable Resource – K-5 Learning

For some kids, pairing online together with printable resources is more effective for learning. Pencil and paper has its advantages for learning and practising certain skills. As you read, you pause, write, and think further. Online materials have their benefits, but sometimes it can prove to be more of a distraction and hinders effective learning. K5 Learning offers free worksheets, flashcards, and paid workbooks for kids from kindy age all the way through to Primary 5. Kids can work independently and at their own pace with the printable worksheets and flashcards featured. Their range of worksheets is amazing and if you want more, head over to their online shop to purchase workbooks targeting specific skills. Browse through their collection here.

Both online and printable educational resources work hand-in-hand to support your child’s learning experience. Photo Credit: @jorg3_7orr3s from Instagram

Other Online Resources:


Jumpstart – alphabet recognition, vowels and sounds materials
Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds – free printables
British Council – large collection of materials across topics
Big Learners – English language arts materials

Mathematics – printables according to grade levels
Worksheetfun – comprehensive range of Math worksheets according to topics
Math in English – wide range of printables based on the Singapore Math syllabus
Superstar Worksheets – kindergarten Math worksheets
Scholastic Teachables – free and paid Math printables for kindy and older kids
Little Dots Education – free preschool Math printables

Mother Tongue

Kidzpark – Tamil activity worksheets
Study Village – Tamil Alphabets worksheets
Little Owls Resources – early years Malay language printables
Spots of Sunshine – Chinese language printables resource
Kids Flashcards – free animal flashcards in Malay
Morning Mobi – Chinese worksheets for kids across many topics
Bao Bao Books – hundreds of Chinese picture books to read and print


Little Worksheets – free kindergarten Science worksheets
Kids Academy – Science worksheets for kindy kids


1+1+1=1 – Learning resources across themes, subjects plus Montessori printables
Scholastic Learn At Home – all kinds of learning activities
All-In-One Homeschool – preschool and primary school activities
Pre-K Pages – all kinds of printables for pre-kindy kids
Life Over C’s – preschool activities, worksheets & games
123 Homeschool 4 Me – free worksheets across a wide range of topics and subjects

More Fun Resources:

Creative Bug – craft classes & resources
Switch Zoo – animal games
Travel & Leisure – virtual museum tours
All-In-One Homeschool – thinking games
Fun Brain – videos, books & games
PBS Kids – educational games and videos
Highlights Kids – educational games & activities
National Geographic Kids – all about animals and nature
#metkids – whimsical, kid-friendly intro to the wide world of art

Educational App – Khan Academy Kids

You just can’t run away from downloading learning apps for the kids in this day and age. Streamlining apps takes time and effort on your part. You’ve to consider the subject matter, age-appropriate content, and specific learning outcomes that can be achieved. More often than not, it’s also a matter of whether the interface is user-friendly and content is attractive enough to pique your child’s interest. The Khan Academy Kids app makes it easy and fun for younger ones to jump straight in and totally immerse themselves in the available materials. Books, videos, songs, and games are high quality and easy to navigate with the use of a touchscreen. There are typical multiple-choice-type activities for kids to explore plus there are also logic games for them to embark on. With the app, they can even draw, read a book independently, or have it narrated to them. Suitable for ages 2 to 8. Click here for more information.

As with online resources, there is a whole slew of educational apps suitable for kids. Explore them with your child to support their learning and bond with them. Photo Credit: @julia_penfield from Instagram

Other Educational Apps:

Tinybop – learn facts & grasp educational concepts
Lazoo – creative play apps
Epic! – unlimited books for kids
TinyHands – educational learning games
Prep Junior – Singapore’s Chinese Language game for pre-schoolers
Tangle Master 3D – fun brain puzzle
Sound Touch – easy and simple flashcard interface for tots to learn about animals, vehicles and more
Loopimal by Yayatoy – create sound sequences with music blocks, cute creatures
Osmo Words Education – word puzzle adventure
Hungry Caterpillar Play School – videos & books teaching Math, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Science, the Creative Arts and Nature Studies
Toca Boca – create, play and explore over 90+ locations
Pinta Peribahasa – tests kids’ knowledge of the Malay language
Build a Truck by Duck Duck Moose – monster truck fun
Math Buddies – Animations and Math practice questions
Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood Collection – learn and explore everyday scenarios with Daniel Tiger
Quick Math Jr. – 12 different math games that feature fundamental math skills and concepts. 
Dr Panda Series – a whole suite of preschool games for kids to explore and learn
Thinkroll – logic puzzles
Cut The Rope – Physics-based puzzle with a cute dino character
Duolingo – learn different languages
>Lightbot: Code Hour – basic concepts of coding
L-Lingo – Learning reading, writing and speaking in Malay

Educational Youtube Channel – SciShow Kids

No list is complete without recommendations on the YouTube Channels out there that have such great content to complement your child’s learning. SciShow Kids is one of YouTube’s premier educational channels featuring answers to many Science-related questions and ‘why’ questions. Whether conducting experiments, researching new questions, or talking with experts, there’s always something new to discover with SciShow Kids, no matter what your age! Although some of the topics seem a bit tough for younger kids, they are still binge-worthy and can pique curious minds as well as be conversational starters with the whole family at meal time. We like how the videos encourage audience participation through answering questions in new videos and annotations. Do subscribe to receive notifications as new videos are added.

YouTube channels are all the rage. Kids can learn a new skill or extend their learning with these ingenious videos. Photo Credit: @myinjenuity from Instagram

Other YouTube Channels:

Crash Course Kids – all about Science
Peekaboo Kidz – explores general knowledge topics through animated videos
Mr. DeMaio – fun videos to learn an assortment of subjects
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems – free drawing and writing sessions!
Science Channel – vids about how things are made & how the universe works
Wen Junior – simple Mandarin cartoons of popular songs and poems
Homeschool Pop – catered for younger kids with videos spanning across general knowledge topics
National Geographic Kids – features awesome animals, cool science, funny pets and more
Free School – exposes kids to famous art, classical music, literature and more
Kids Learning Tube – music and animation across topics
Geek Gurl Diaries – all about programming and computer science
Netflix Jr. – kids can learn with their favourite Netflix characters from Octonauts to Super Monsters and more
Science Max – all kinds of science experiments
Tamil Alphabets for Kids – videos to learn the Tamil alphabets
MagicBox Tamil Stories – a whole collection of animated stories
小主播看天下WOW – Children’s news program with 2-3 stories about world issues
Miss Panda Chinese – Bilingual Mandarin Chinese songs and stories
Kids Mandarin Montessori – Mandarin stories, songs and lessons
Grace Yang – preschool activities in Mandarin
Little Fox Chinese – Mandarin animated stories and songs
T and D Lab – Science experiments in Chinese
Eileen Choo – videos on Chinese composition, oral and comprehension guides with Pokémon characters
Beimeicn – Chinese songs and storytelling
Studycat Limited – teaches multiple English skills like vocabulary, grammar and more