Trendy Tot Tuesday: Xiu Yun Fei (Bubu)

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If the name Xiu Yun Fei doesn’t sound very familiar to you, it may be because you know her by another name. Better known as Bubu (or Boo Boo), she got the nickname when she was still in mummy Alyssa Chia’s tummy, and the moniker has stuck! With her huge, round eyes, adorable good looks and great fashion sense, it’s unsurprising that we’ve chosen this little one to be our trendy tot of the week.

Thanks to her good genes, she has been able to pull off all sorts of looks, from girly to androgynous.

During Chinese New Year, her dress, coat and tights combination made her look positively angelic.

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And yet, she doesn’t look out of place when donning a button-up cardigan, rolled-up jeans and sneakers.


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She’s even tried and conquered the hiphop style with her monochromatic ensemble, baggy sweater and sneakers.

我們第一雙的父女鞋⋯Thanks @nikeanniecheng @jumpman23 。就在今天穿出門吧!#spacejam#aj11

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Even when she’s on the slopes with her family, she’s a mini fashionista. Just check out her oh-so-chic knit sweater and fur hoodie down jacket. It’s probably only a matter of time before she steals the spotlight from her gorgeous mum.

這是生產前的最後一趟旅行~ 有人說我很猛,這時候還飛⋯? 我自己也覺得⋯?(拜託別碎念我??) 但我比任何人都更小心的照顧自己及肚肚裡的小baby,所以請別再為我擔心啦~? 還是要說,這趟旅程讓家人都玩得盡興,很值得☺️ 我雖然不能享受雪上活動,但看到寶貝們開心的表情也就跟著樂在其中~ 等等,怎麼有一個小孩的表情如此扭曲? 跟喜愛咘咘的朋友們說明一下 因為她不喜歡踏雪⋯一落地,就把雙腳扭曲 這還是難得捕捉到她站在雪地的珍貴照片⋯? 而且,站在雪景前她就做出了變身的表情⋯? 阿咘啊~妳想要變超人飛高高遠離雪地嗎? #需要克服雪地的咘咘 #北海道我們一定會再來

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Bubu is extremely expressive for her young age. She has plenty of expressions and she uses a different one in each photo. Our favourite though, has got to be her wide-eyed stare.

咘咘今天交給達達 @hsieh_kunda ,吃飯我們去就好⋯#丁小咘##帶了眼鏡好像很會功課很好一樣#

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Though she’s a future style queen in the making, she’s not averse to dressing up in costumes and was the cutest cat-pumpkin hybrid at her first ever Halloween party!

Bubu is definitely not camera shy and loves taking photos with Mum and Dad.

過個年,我們都吃成小豬豬??~ 好吃好喝又好睡~ 2017大吉大利啦??????

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She’s a total natural in front of the lens, and we won’t be surprised if she decides to take up modelling in the future.


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But first she has to learn how to be a big sister as her mum Alyssa is currently expecting her third child. We can’t wait to see how Bubu grows into that role!

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