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If there were any little tot who was born to be a headwear model, it would be little Selma Malika. Ever since she was born, she has been seen donning headwear of all kinds, from embellished floral headbands and decorative turbans to simple hairbands and pretty bows, and she pulls off each look perfectly with a huge round peepers.

Ms Botakhead is a sleepyhead wearing @littledarlingsandco turbanhead ?? cos i dont like to see her botak head! #selmamalika

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2⃣weeks old today! Oh my!! Time flies! Hairgrowth progressing well ?!#selmamalika Headband by: @cutiepatch

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This shirt she has on spells out her motto perfectly – “bows before boys” always!

Yesterday night was rough but we managed to pull through. You, abi and I! Thanks abi groggy for waking up with me eventhough u ended shoot so late. I haven't felt this exhausted for a long time cos you've been sleeping through out the nights. However, yesterday night, you woke up almost every hour for cries and feeds before we managed to put you down at 4 am. Uma would like to think that it is one of your #growthspurt episodes since you are turning 12 weeks tomorrow. The last time uma felt significantly tektired was when you were 3 weeks old. Man, how time flies. Feels so blessed to see you grow every day, Alhamdulillah. Now please sleep peacefully like this tonight? Favour ah can? ?? #selmamalika #selmasleeps

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The little girl of local celebrities Malaque Mahdaly and Syarif Sleeq doesn’t just have an array of enviable headgear, she also has an extensive wardrobe. Her taste though seems to veer towards prints and feminine colours as she’s often spotted in dresses and various shades of pastel pink and blue, such as this denim dress, which she paired with leggings with floral embroidery.

Today is follow-uma-to-work day although she is still technically on maternity leave ? pfffttt #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk #selmamalika

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Isn’t this a unique combo that works nicely on Selma – a blue tutu with a pink botanical romper?

Saturday dip?? #selmamalika

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We especially love this swan print onesie – the asymmetrical zip gives the otherwise cute outfit a unique edge.

#selmamalika had her first post jab fever! Strong girl nak besar ok??

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That’s not too say all her outfits as saccharine sweet. She has shown a preference for monochromatic prints as seen with her striped bow and matching leggings.

She also always looks adorable whenever she is wearing matching outfits with her parents.

#minisyarif or #minimalaque ! ?Please don't be bias k? #thesyarifseid2016

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U ah really wanna be a big gurl #selmamalika

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Even if she’s in dark colours, Selma always manages to put a feminine spin and touch on her outfits. Here, she pairs her otherwise slightly dull outfit with adorable bunny shaped silver flats and a straw sun hat.

Welcome to my kebun guys! ?? #selmamalika #selmastyles

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As she has become older, her headwear has become more varied, and it now includes hats of all shapes and sizes, including straw fedoras, floppy sun hats and floral bucket hats. It seems as if she has the perfect hat for every occasion!

Officer wait! Don't close the gate yet!!! Here's my passport! #selmasays #selmastyles

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?? What is monday blues again???? #selmasays #thesyarifsannivtrip #thesyarifsholidays #selmastyles

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Contagious. #selmasmiles #thesyarifsannivtrip #thesyarifsholidays

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She even pairs the same hat with different outfits – such a mini fashionista!

Look at how she pulls off the same print top to toe.

Her style is still evolving even as she grows up and we can only say that it seems to get better with age. Can’t wait to see what new style this trendy tot will be carrying off next.

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