Trendy Tot Tuesday: Lee Shi Ahn

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By Samantha Jong
April 4, 2017

We were first introduced to this toddler when his dad, Korean soccer player Lee Dong Gook, joined the hit KBS variety show Superman Returns in 2015.  At that time, he could barely walk but since then, he has grown into a little man who has charmed us with his adorable actions and the variety of styles that he has managed to pull off with ease.

Need some ideas on how to dress up your little boy? Get a tip or two from our trendy tot of the week, Lee Shi Ahn!

With his chubby cheeks and wide, cheeky smile, it didn’t take long for many to fall in love with the cheerful little boy.

Followers of the show would notice that little Shi Ahn, or Daebak, as he is affectionately known as, has grown up into a dashing young boy.

#굿모닝? #오늘도대박나세요?

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Shi Anh is a complete natural when it comes to taking photographs and posing. Maybe it’s because he has four older sisters, but he is confident enough to not shy away from kitty ears, heart headbands or bows.

#애교쟁이 #빠기? #사르르녹아요?

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His outfits always have a pop of colour and he isn’t afraid to pair bright colours with prints.

쑥쑥크는 #빠기? #everythingokay?

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The good natured little one can pull off hats with ease as well, and looks absolutely adorable doing so. His favourite seems to be a bucket hat that goes well with many of his outfits.


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#siampark #superhothere☀️?

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Where most boys usually sport casual straight cuts, Daebak goes against the norm and is seen in a variety of cool hairstyles such as a mini ponytail and slanted fringe.


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For fans who can’t get enough of Daebak, he even has his own WeChat stickers!

It should come as no surprise that the adorable tot has starred in a few advertisements with his family.

He has also had the opportunity to meet other Korean stars, such as Shinee’s Minho and actor Lee Dong Wook.

We can’t wait to see more of Daebak’s antics on the Return of Superman!

#교회오빠포스 #우쿨렐레연주중??

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